All police stations in Ireland have 666 in telephone numbers

The telephone numbers of all police stations in Ireland were switched over in 2003 to contain the number 666,   it has emerged.

Garda Siochana headquarters in Dublin’s Phoenix Park also has the 666 number of the Beast of the Book of Revelation in its telephone number, and the current economic meltdown of Ireland does indeed look eschatological.

According to the Garda Review of 2003, every single police station has a 666 number (page 10).

For those who dismiss the 666 number as a coincidence, it should be noted that swine flu vaccinations were also listed on biomedical databases as belonging to biodefense stockpiles numbered 666.

Regulatory/Status Index:
biodefense stockpile (U.S.)
biodefense stockpile, European countries
controlled/gov’t distribution in European counties
controlled/gov’t distribution in U.S.
EU200 Currently Approved in EU
EU666 Biodefense stockpile
UM100 Controlled/Gov’t Distribution in US
US666 Biodefense stockpile
EM160 Controlled/Gov’t Distribution in EU

14 Responses to All police stations in Ireland have 666 in telephone numbers

  1. greenberry says:

    A popular number. Even the direction to this website contain it. And somewhere I have seen www also means 666 from hebrew alphabet. Summing up Vicarius Filii Dei (Latin: Vicar or Representative of the Son of God) also equals 666 from latin numbers. Inscribed in the Pope’s miter. There are many links to that number.

  2. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    I believe that number to be sick, sick, sick,

  3. True leadership says:

    Well, if Jane did not ‘ban’ my former links. Let’s have another try
    True leadership says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 3, 2011 at 10:58 am
    was ‘banned’ again.

    So, I’ll try to leave my comment again, now omitting the direct links.
    If I may add some more queer observations:

    It’s You (Prince William) (link omitted)
    Prince William and Prince Harry’s Frog Message (link omitted)
    Fairy tale allusion ? – Message for all the frogs out there gradually being boiled to death. British humour?

    Now something very serious – off topic ? Context ?
    Kriegslügen – inszenierter Terror – Terrorgefahr für Deutschland ?
    Geschieht noch 2011 ein neuer 11.September style Terroranschlag ? (link omitted)
    Nur Spekulation (Symbolik, Zahlenspielerei) oder ernst zu nehmender Grund zur Sorge ? Im Film (Hollywood) werden zukünftige Ereignisse schon in verdeckter und verschlüsselter Form ‘angekündigt’ ? (war der Fall bei 9/11; Japan) – um Deutschland mit aller Macht in einen GROßEN KRIEG hineinzubomben ?? – um die mehrheitlich zutiefst friedlich gesinnte deutsche Bevölkerung in den Krieg hineinzupressen ? ‘Clash der Kulturen’ ? – ein Anschlag auf das Olympiastadion in Berlin (Fußball WM der Frauen)am 26.06.2011 ? Destabilisierung Deutschlands (des Nahen Ostens, der ganzen Welt) in jeder Hinsicht ? Hoffentlich wird Derartiges nicht geplant und auch nicht geschehen.
    Der Kopf des ‘Toten Osama bin Laden’ ebenso ein Fake wie das ‘Birth Certificate’ des… Es wird immer surrealer…
    (link omitted) – one Illuminati card showing frogs all over the place meaning desaster…and another one displaying the Big Frog King… very strange…
    (link omitted) This is your destiny says one of the last cards shown

  4. Vielleicht ist das der Grund, weshalb sich Deutschland im UN Sicherheitsrat erst der Stimme enthielt, als es um die Kontrolle des Libyschen Luftraumes ging, um danach zu verkünden, man beteilige sich doch in Libyen an “Humanitären Aktionen”, wie wir wissen, ein Euphemismus für “kriegerische Auseinandersetzung”? Vielleicht wissen die Vasallen in Berlin was uns blüht, wenn wir nicht artig nach der globalistischen Pfeife der Zionisten tanzen?

  5. True... says:

    Who knows…

    – Adolf Hitler

    So, will he be right ?
    The same dark forces & power circles as ever …
    planning and scheming, causing havoc around the world,
    playing games with people’s lives and the fate of nations

    There’s a ridiculous and bizarre propaganda going on by the corporate media

    Getting even more insane by the day. Sick, sick, sick (666) It’s pathetic.
    Obviously targeted at people effectively being dumbed down.
    Buying ALLTHE LIES – and proving Hitler and his followers right ? He was a puppet on strings (more or less) just like other politicians and governments are (historical facts)

    WE THE (COMMON) PEOPLE – victim to their whims and lust for power – over and over again? I’m fed up with it.

  6. dee says:

    it,s also on all irish police cars,on either side of the cars, big and bold for all to see :
    1800 666 111

    and the mobile phone number of the former minister of defence who would have been in charge of that decision in 2003, ends in 666 (087-9193 666 willie o,dea)
    cead mille failte !! which is irish for:hundred thousand welcomes ….

    nota bene also: all phone numbers in Harlem (New York) start with 666…..

    “”honi soit qui mal y pense”” ??? hmm….not so sure about that….or rather actually quite au contraire….

    maybe better to just listen to grigory sokolov – “”the last of the titans “”- playing chopin…and get some solace….

    or read dostoyevski…especially “”demons””….

    thank you all for your comments….

  7. dee says:

    ps- forgot to mention that the trilateral commission held their conference in dublin this time last year…in the four seasons hotel….with henri kissinger and david rockefeller being present…without that getting a single mentioning in the media…

    and that talks were held with members of the irish government….

    years ago it would have made gigantic headlines for weeks before and after…

    not a single mentioning of it all…not on tv,radio or in the newspapers…

    massive security..paid for by the irish people…

    also that weekend very popular national radio talk show host gerry ryan suddenly died…

    he was last seen in that four seasons hotel ….

    but that,s surely a coincidence…and another case of “”honi soit qui mal y pense””…

    or maybe rather a case of “”sound of silence”” ?? (patent 6,506,148)

  8. Hahaha 🙂
    Well, should we call the “World Wide Web” the “Qorld Qide Qeb”, to escape the madness?

  9. Yea, he will probably be right.
    Increasing modern historical research shows, it was not him, “planning and scheming, causing havoc around the world, playing games with people’s lives and the fate of nations”. It was Winston Churchill, who forced the rather low level military actions of the time, most of which where direct or indirect results of Rothschilds Treaty of Versailles, to explode into the devastating World Wide War. It was Churchill, who hampered all peace seeking effords of Germans, including the one of Rudolf Hess flight to England, in order to win the war by expanding it to a world wide war. So WC was the actuall bad Guy. Its all just falsified history, as usual…-

  10. By the way, Jane does not ban links. Some links just do not apear. Why, I do not know, but it is not Jane that is doing it, thats for sure. Maybe someone has smuggeld a software on the web that hinders certain links to apear? I dont know… But it is not Jane!

  11. True leadership says:

    Don’t worry.
    It’s not only certain links but some comments as a whole that vanished.No problem.

    Prince Charles Frog (Royal PR on the Guardian website)

    (These so called Illuminati playing cards mentioned before are stunning indeed – depicting some kind of fairy tale ? astonishing resemblances to reality – just coincidence or insider foreknowledge ? : among other motives revealing a certain agenda… are a disgusting frog plague (symbolizing lots of princes all over the place meaning desaster) and a BIG(VERY GREEN)FROG KING propped up on a throne being treated with deepest reverence by subjects kneeling at his feet – the epitome of feudalism)

    Well, obviously it’s meant to be ‘humorous’.
    In fact, it’s deep underlying meaning is not funny at all.
    Is here a difference between British and German humour ?

  12. greenberry says:

    It seems to be different humour according to this scene.

  13. Yea, pack the lies in humor and they will last longer…- Its disgusting!

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