Greece is planning to ditch the euro, according to German media reports, in a sign that the eurozone  is becoming increasingly fragile.

The economic arguments in favour of Greece reintroducing the Drachma are overwhelming.

Greece has nothing to gain from staying in the euro and  everything to lose. The euro is being run as giant Ponzi scheme for the benefit of bondholders and banks such as Deutsche Bank — as the former central bank governor Mario Blejer stated in a report in the Financial Times on May 5th — and Greece was the first “victim” to be drained of its assets. 

The crushing of the Greek economy by the “fixers” of the Ponzi scheme is ongoing, leaving Greece facing the prospect of economic annihilation if it stays inside the eurozone. The fiscal austerity measures being imposed by the EU and IMF on Greece as part  of a penal “loan” have resulted in a stinging economic recession and they will result in yet more  wage cuts, tax increases and welfare cuts and in yet more privatizations unless Greece defaults and adopts its own currency. 

The longer Greece stays inside eurozone, the bigger its debt burden will become. It will grow to truly astronomical levels – and be passed on to other eurozone tax payers after the bondholders have made off with the assets in the next stage of the Ponzi scheme as Mario Blejer points out.

Greece might as well exit now while it still has parts of its economy left to save. Sooner than later, the eurozone Ponzi scheme is going to collapse anyway. Vienna Economics Professor Franz Hörmann has said he expects the eurozone financial system to collapse in a year or so.

If Greece leaves the euorzone, the new drachma will fall in value making it competitive. It can export more products, add jobs and increase tax revenues.

The introduction of the drachma will also give a huge boost to the country’s tourism industry as visitors flock to Greece, and so enable Greece to earn valubale foreign currency. This cushion of foreign currency will allow Greece to continue importing goods, even when these will become more expensive following the adoption of the drachma and a devaluation.

Many imports can also be substituted by domestic manufacturers, providing an additional boost to the Greek economy and to jobs.

The Greek government can make the switch by starting to pay salaries in drachma, spurring the private sector to follow, under one suggestion.

Standards of living will drop slightly in the event of the reintroduction of the drachma but they are going to drop anyway and the drop will only be temperorary  if Greece leaves the eurozone rather than steep and permament if it does not.

Greece will also have to write off its gigantic mountain of national debt, which has been piled on it largely by fraudulent means. This write down would affect banks such as Deutsche Bank, which are the main beneficiaries of this giant Ponzu scheme but Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs should learn the lesson like Bernie Madoff that a Ponzi schemesis a scrime that does not pay.

Why should Greece, Ireland, Portugal and ultimately the German tax payers pay for the Bernie Madoff style Ponzi scheme of Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs and big banking figures such as the Rothschilds and George Soros?

The Greek central bank should also start to print the new drachma without creating debt as China does and so allow Greece to enjoy the same boom as China in the long term.

If Greece leaves the eurozone, it can be sure of widespread public support among Europeans. A recent poll showed that two thirds of Germans recognise that the eurozone is being run in a way that makes it doomed and that they will end up footing the bill.

Der FDP-Finanzexperte Frank Schäffler hält einen Austritt Griechenlands aus der Eurozone für sinnvoll. „Wenn Griechenland den Austritt will, dann ist es die autonome Entscheidung Griechenlands, die wir positiv unterstützen sollten“, sagte Schäffler dem Nachrichtenmagazin FOCUS.

FDP finance expert Frank Schaeffler told Focus magazine that it made economic sense for Greece to leave the eurozone.

“If Greece wants to leave the eurozone, then it is its autonomous decision that we will support in a positive way,” he said.

The German government coalition may not even be able to find a majority to pass laws on the future 700 billion European Stability Mechanism, or ESM, when parliament votes on it later this year, according to MMnews.

The 700 billion euro ESM fund is just a public sector feeder fund into the eurozone Ponzi scheme benefitting private banks, which has been analysed by central bank governor Mario Blejer in a report in the FT.

If Greece leaves the eurozone, then Ireland will hopefully follow. The euro has been a catastrophe for Ireland just as it has been for Greece.

Both countries have de facto lost their souvereignty and are under the economic dictatorship of EU and IMF officials, who are looting the country, assuming the role of the public sector interface for a  private Ponzi scheme of historical poportions.

Greece introduced the euro in 2002 and in a period of less than ten years, it has been destroyed economically.

Greece used the Drachma currency for more than 2000 years since the time of Plato and Sophocles and it never suffered an economic disaster of this nature in all that time.

It is to be hoped Greece leaves the eurozone as soon as possible and its people regains their freedom and future.

If it does, it can be assured of great public support from Europeans as polls show – irrespective of what the controlled mainstream media says.


  1. Karen King says:


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    I live in Toronto? Is there a distributer in



  2. DrogBlog says:

    Congratulations Greece,

    kick the EU, the IMF, the Worldbank and all the rest out of your territory

    Alas… some governments are being killed by opposing the Banksters, like in Poland…

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  4. tal says:

    I hope this is true but Papandreou denies it ” Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said the report of a possible euro exit was made up and the government was handling the country’s debt in the best way possible, Kathimerini newspaper reported.

    Abandoning the euro would have “catastrophic” consequences, Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou told Italian newspaper La Stampa. Public debt would double, consumer spending power would be “shattered” and the country would sink into a “war-like recession,” he said.


    EU To Greece: “We Want To Help You Help Yourself”… And We Want To Own You After You File For Bankruptcy

  5. Karel van Aemstel says:

    Any European country in supposed and amongst others BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS BASEL manipulated growing debt default within the European Union will give opportunity to blow up the debt burden for any European citizen and child, unless any European country is willing to get back to its senses or to the senses of its people.
    These growing debt defaults have been organized and manufactured by some utterly dark and powerful people. They are a few, yet up until now difficult to find and recognize. These few and difficult to find and recognize are the Nobility, the Central Banks, the Banks, the Global Corporations and their representatives who are trained in hiding their intentions, plans and actions and which are trained in blaming anyone else for its own actions whereby misleading the people via the mass media up until now.
    This is the PONZI scheme in its ugly essence. The nobility has hidden its interests and assets in supranational., suprastate, corporate and state operations.
    Anybody not able to understand the threat of this strategy will just have to pay up for endless European Debts created by the gangsters who call themselves Nobility, Banks, Central Banks and Global Corporations.
    It is as simple as that.
    Greece is right to opt out and introduce the Drachme.
    Ireland would be right to do the same and introduce the Irish Currency.
    Portugal would be right to stop the next of several unjustified austerity plans to be imposed upon its people.
    Spain will be next in line of attack. There is no end to the power and money brokers. Any European country will follow.
    Let us people of any European country start organising things of our own without the manipulations of Central Gangsters, Banksters and Nobility Gangsters, since we have the power in Europe to get things organised without the (Central) BANKS AND NOBILITY GANGSTERS.
    We do not need any Central Bank, Bank or Nobility.
    We do not need any Corporate Media.
    We do not need any Global Corporation.
    We in Europe have the power to get things produced without the IMF, WORLDBANK, CENTRAL BANKS, GLOBAL CORPORATIONS, KINGS, QUEENS, NOBILITY SONS AND DAUGHTERS whatever.
    We in Europe have the power to get things important financed without the approval of any Governmental body or PEOPLE misleading supragovernmental bodies like the WHO, IMF, UN, WORLDBANK or whatever.
    We, the people, do not need any representative to decide for us.
    We, the people, do not need any politician to talk nonsense and decide for us.
    We, the people, need one thing: representatives who do truly listen to us and not exclusivelye to the vested interests of Nobility, Central Banks, Banks, Global, Regional and Local Corporations.
    All these socalled representatives of the people listening to aforementioned vested interests will be abolished in the end by the people.
    Nobody knows where and when this end will be.
    We THE PEOPLE do not need these Banks, Central Banks, Global and Regional Corporative and Nobility Gangsters AT ALL..
    Since they are busy gradually destroying our livelihood, we need to destroy them before they destroy us.

  6. greenberry says:

    Very well spoken truth. Unless we are not suffering from having very serious brain and function problems we should not need any representative to decide for us at all. Children need parents for this. But do grown people need that? It seems comparing the huge amount of different representatives in everywhere. Most of them severely mismanaging their confidence and task.

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