Obama shows what he really thinks of Irish by making the devil’s sign

The Irish Independent today carries a picture of President Barack Obama forming his hand into the well-known, horned devil sign as he greets Irish crowds:


9 Responses to Obama shows what he really thinks of Irish by making the devil’s sign

  1. greenberry says:

    He is a great humanitarian with so many nice promises. The crowds so thrilled of this man of peace.
    Catching you when hoping for a glimpse of the sun and when your burden feels like weighing a ton.
    A great saviour for the sleeping masses.

  2. joan says:

    @greenberry – he is NO SAVIOUR ! i should hope you wrote in jest. he is worse than bush. a liar. osama was kiled years ago. i cant write any more about it.

  3. joan says:

    jane , that link is only bringing me to some womans fashion page…. ?

  4. joan says:

    no, its ok, i got it – the articule and photo..

  5. greenberry says:

    So BOW DOWN to him and the system he stands for, lick them boots, be thrilled. All your wishes coming true. He will solve all your problems. With ONE word recent emperors visits to Ireland and its responses to it may be summed up. IDOLATRY. A child could see that.

  6. greenberry says:

    I know that joan. I was writing in jest. Be sure of that.

  7. Jesus christ allmighty! What a stench of filth and corruption oozes out of the soul of this Nobel Peace Laureat…-

  8. greenberry says:

    It is not any ordinary filth. It is poisoned skunk stinking filth like from a rat or snake.

  9. greenberry says:

    Not having a clue from where this guy is coming from. Himself saying he is irish. Wouldnt it be more believable if simply saying he is the man in the moon?

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