Obama’s visit to UK clouded by differences over EU, euro and UK decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

President Barack Obama’s state visit to the UK today as part of a whirlwind tour of Europe takes place under a cloud – and it wasn’t just because Prince William didn’t invite him to his wedding even though Obama apparently made it clear to Prince Charles that he wanted to go.

The UK government last week announced plans to pull its troops out of Afghanistan, annoying the Obama administratin ever keen on warmongering, reports The Telegraph. 


Bankster puppet Obama is also a big support of the EU and euro Ponzi scheme, says The Telegraph in another report, and is warning Britain against withdrawing from the EU.

“The Obama administration’s relentless and wrongheaded support for the creation of a federal Europe, from backing the Treaty of Lisbon to the European Security and Defence Policy, is a slap in the face for the principle of national sovereignty in Europe. British sovereignty is non-negotiable, and Obama’s willingness to undermine it is both insulting to Britain and self-defeating for the United States.

While the Bush Administration was divided over Europe, the Obama team is ardently euro-federalist. Hillary Clinton described the Lisbon Treaty as “a major milestone in our world’s history”, and in an interview with The Irish Times in 2009 stated: “I believe [political integration is] in Europe’s interest and I believe that is in the United States’ interest because we want a strong Europe.” And in May last year, Vice President Joe Biden described Brussels as the “capital of the free world.”

And the US Ambassador to London, Louis Susman, has warned Britain that “all key issues must run through Europe.” According to a report by The Parliament.com, in a private meeting with British MEPs at an event in the European Parliament in January, Susman called for a stronger British commitment to the EU, emphatically warning against British withdrawal.”

5 Responses to Obama’s visit to UK clouded by differences over EU, euro and UK decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

  1. is a bit funny on the subject of the invitation to the royal wedding .. but the withdrawal of the troops opened with tweezers to study it .. everything has its time but I think it is time to withdraw the troops if the U.S. is left alone terrorism and any group that pienza different or feel any anger because they feel more eager to hit this country

  2. Emanuel says:

    Yes, it gets a little confusing when it appears that the puppets to the UN and the Criminal Elite Banksters Bilderbergers can’t agree among themselves what is the best way to Globalise and cull the masses. In the mean time we survive to live another day untill the Maniacal Malthusiasts devise some other way to screw the masses into submission and self destruction.

  3. greenberry says:

    The confusion is created deliberately. In the end no one will be able to differ right from wrong anymore. Creating problems with one hand and with the other hand solving them. Working their way into your mind and dependency. Inch by inch. Day by day.
    To me there is no surprising coincidence the english queen and Mr. Obama have choosed to be visiting Ireland in this critical time. It is perfectly timed for distracting people to the real issue: I.e. to get rid of them criminal banksters and corrupted ruling in the country.

  4. greenberry says:

    Anyone doubting some deals havent been done between those celebrity visits and the corrupt irish government this time? Of course nice promises have been given to them from the Masters of lies. Which was the purpose of those visits. Besides deceiving the irish people with the illusion they do care so much about them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    President Obama, The Queen of England and all of the Highnesses of The Royal families in The Rest of the World sit nicely in the same boat.
    If there is any confusion about this, it is created with a purpose.
    It is a historically known fact that The British Royals are doing the rowing.
    USA’s and EU’s rise and demise is an in-between -side-show in this drama of global governance.

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