UKIP MEP Nigel Farage’s e-petition to parliament demanding a referendum on EU membership has already reached 40,000 signatures.

“Support for our petition to force a vote smashed through the 40,000 barrier yesterday. We have already had a massive response since the e-petition launch on Saturday demanding a referendum on EU membership.”


  1. True!
    NIGEL FARAGE is realy something! The only Guy in the whole European Parlament who dares to open his mouth! But then, he already had a very unfortunate airplane crash, has’nt he, which, luckily, he survived. In my eyes, they tried to kill him, but he was to tough to die. Good ol’ British bone that is… 🙂

  2. greenberry says:

    I have signed the petition. Even if I know they will probably put my name and direction in some database for the future. And even if I am not from UK. I have had enough of those criminals. I hope we can from all countries free ourselves from that satanic EU organisation.

  3. greenberry says:

    I agree. Mr. Farage is worth all of respect. An honest man trying to stick to the truth. And tell it.

  4. Carlitos Amsel vom Holunderstrauch says:

    Dont worry, greenberry!
    We are in all data bases already. They know our name, our adress, our vita, they know everything about us already. Think. They are not dumb and they are very activ in sniffing out opponents lately. So dont try to hide, its in vain anyway…-

  5. Emanuel van den Bemd says:

    Yep everybody we are passing the worry point. Now is the time to stand together and confront the Elite Illuminati Bankster Crooks and all the organisations they control and manipulate. We have seen it comming some years ago, we knew it would happen, just do your best , be part of the revolution ,be strong and resolute. We are living in very momentous times. Just keep spreading the message.

  6. darkside says:

    I didn’t know that the demented had tried to arrange a plane crash for Nigel Farage.
    Murder seems to be one of their early responses to any problem.
    Courageous people like Nigel Farage can’t do it alone and they can’t do it for the rest of us.
    Many have tried -like Joan Baez and Martin Luther King

    The link below is on ‘Common Purpose’ an organization posing as a charity that has penetrated into structures of government such as the police, in the United Kingdom.

    (Brian Gerrish is a retired naval officer and stood in the last UK election in a party called UKColumn. He says some of his talks have been removed by youtube).

    It’s also interesting to research Rik Clay, the young guy who warned that an ‘alien landing’ will be staged at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (Apparently a similar stunt was staged at the Los Angeles Olympics).

    Rik was tracking Egyptian symbolism in the Masonic and mystery schools of religion. He had a lot to say about the actual site chosen for the Olympics. He committed suicide at 27.

  7. darkside says:

    sorry, my links aren’t doing well. The video on ‘Common Purpose’:

  8. Well, we do not know if in this case, murder was the earliest response. I could imagine that they tried to talk him out of things, but “he would’nt listen”…-

    Yea, common purpose, I heard of them some tiome ago. What a sneaky bunch, and the clever name, as if they worked for our cause. On the name alone one can see, that they have clever people working for them behind the scenes, Sociologists, psychologists, all kinds of -gists…

  9. greenberry says:

    It starts with a grassroot movement having a good cause. After a while the subverters moving in offering money and help in exchange for influence in the councils. They say they need to monitor the development so the money be spent right. Voila. The original good cause loosing its purpose and it is taken over by some “common purpose”. Therefore the common purpose is probably everything that have nothing to do with its original purpose. That is simple subversion. The destruction of everything good and fair humans in a society or country stand for. If they didnt try to destroy that the people would grow to be too strong and that is very dangerous to some elite. They would loose control and we know they do not like that at all.
    The people having ideas and intentions. The elite destroys them.

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