As a science journalist living in Austria who  began a campaign to warn people about the damaging effects of the swine flu jab in 2009, I know a thing or two about genuine grassroots campaigns and alos how little support they get from politicians, the mainstream media and organisations like Attac.

That’s why I’m so surprised to see the Occupy Austria  movement enjoying the full support of Attac and media like Falter so soon and also its amazingly efficient and centralised organisation linking it with Occupy subbranches all over the world.

Is  the Occupy movement really a people’s movement as the organisers claim?

Or is there a more sinister reason why it is gaining so much support from the very same „establishment“  of politicians, media and NGOs who have been silent for so long about the fractional reserve banking system and the disastrous euro currency?

Has it appeared all of a sudden because more and more Germans are reasling Germany must reintroduce the Deutschmark to escape financial armageddon at the hands of the banksters?

It is important to know the answer because joining Occupy Austria or Frankfurt facebook sites and also some protests could have unpleasant consequences if it is, indeed, just a false flag  controlled opposition.!/OccupyAustria?sk=info

Even Axel Springer’s Bild is giving favourable coverage to the „ young and pretty women“ „changing the world“  in the Occupy Wallstreet movement and praising  „protest icon“ Communist student leader Camilo Vallejo in Chile.

Does that make you suspicious? It certainly should do given the record of misinformation of Bild.

Why did the swine flu vaccination campaign get no such support when the health of millions of Austrian, German, Chiliean, Greek, Irish children was at stake, I wonder?

In the meantime, a study in Finland has confirmed that the swine flu pandemic vaccines are the cause of significant neurological damage to children.  No one can say any longer I was exaggerating or deluded. Here is the scientific proof for my claims.

This is the very same Finnish health body that recommended the vaccines – a health body also largely financed by vaccine manfacturers. Imagine what the real damage of these vaccines are in the population when even such a body in Finland is forced to admit they are responsible for neurological damage among children?

The damage is not surprising given the scientific evidence.

The adjuvants were prohibited in the USA and UK because they were associated with the damage caused to US and UK vets by the Iraq war anthrax vaccines.

The pandemic swine flu vaccines are classified as biodefence weapons on EU pharma databases. The EMA documents admitted there were no adequate clinical trials on them.

The shocking thing was that I was virtually the only person in Europe anyway going out there to give this information to people in April 2009 and I had to do it virtually all on my time, my money and at my considerable risk.

There was no help from any NGO, not from Attac or any other NGO. There was no centrally organised facebook movement.

There was just an improvised scramble to get the information out by any means possible. By a miracle, the news spread. People all over the world took the initiative and spread the information in their social media networks.

Fortunately, the facts were plain, easily checked and the information spread fast. Only 4% of the people in Austria eventually took a vaccine known to cause neurological damage.

I only began myswine flu vaccine information campaign because I realised no government body or NGO  would give this information to people.

After I found out that Baxter had contaminated seasonal flu vaccine with the deadly bird flu virus in a biosecurity lab in Orth an der Donau February 2009, I first thought others would take action to prevent the danger of a repetition of such a disastrous event.

After all, here was a pharma company starting a global bird flu pandemic – and positioning itself to profit from the sale of vaccines due to that same pandemic. What could be more scandalous?

I contacted the Austrian political parties. No reply.

None apart from Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewin who told me in a conversation far right leader Heinz Christian Strache had told her not to press the Baxter matter.

What does that say about Strache and his concern for the people of Austria?

I contacted Attac several times and asked for help. No reply.

I contacted the BMJ for which I have written countless reports over the years. The BMJ editor Annabel Ferriman rejected the story, too boring she said. Of course, I was used to the control in the mainstream media and was not surprised.

I also rang and emailed Austria’s Profil magazine at the start of April 2009 about the Baxcter incident. Profil’s reporter Emil Bobi wrote a report a few weeks later – after having all the information in my criminal charges and my phoning several times – in which he described the contamination in the Baxter plant as a tiny error due to a small tube containing a sugar solution which had been accidentally infected. The details are in my second set of criminal charges.

This explanation made no sense. As it turned out, it was 72 kilos of seasonal vaccine material which was contaminated.

In addition, such a deadly virus has to be kept in biosecurity level three lab which means double doors, access with an electronic code etc. This is the reason, no doubt, why the police began to investigate the incident after I filed charges. 

Biosecurity three procedures mean that the Baxter lab should be like Fort Knox. Also, there is no explanation why the bird flu virus, a virus bio engineered in a US weapons lab, was in the lab in the first place. In December 2010, documents leaked by Wikileaks revealed that Baxter in Austria  was a top security site for the US government. A bioweapons lab as I first claimed?

My campaign took off surprisingly when I began to appear on radio shows in the USA in April 2009 already. By June I was on major radio shows like Rmour Mill News. Tens of millions of US mainstream radio listeners were getting the information within months.

Eventually, even the controlled alternative media in Europe – yes the Globalists got there long ago – had to  surf the wave which had become too big. 

By autumn 2009, the Baxter incident was back in Profil.

This time I was smeared in person by Profil reporter Michael Lingens in  recognition of the way the swine flu vaccine campaign had come to be associated with me.

Lingens failed to mention I have a degree from a top university (Edinburgh) and have a proven track record as a science journalist, having written for Nature, The Scientist, The British Medical etc or the biosecurity 3 procedures or his colleage Emil Bobi’s lies in his report. The impression was some mentally unstable idiot had filed charges against Baxter which were fit for the waste paper basket – but, Lingens, had to admit an incredible 72 kilos had been contamianted.

Only when it became clear no one was taking the vaccine did Profil suddenly change sides and publish criticism of the swine flu campaign. 

I was smeared also by Josef Gepp, the society reporter from Falter, whose email to me showed he had not the slightest interest in the facts or the facts of the contamination of 72 kilos of vaccines with the bird flu virus. He wanted to meet me for a coffee and a chat. I refused because I know Falter. Predictably, he wrote his smear report as he was paid to do. He has never retracted it or apologised.

Interestingly, Falter supports Occupy Austria.

I was also savaged by Bild – „A woman from Vienna did not file charges“ — and Le Monde Diplomatique. 

The whole of the Austrian mainstream media was silent on the Baxter incident, hyped the swine flu virus and encouraged people to take the vaccine in spite of the overwhelming evidence it was damaging with very few exceptions.

So when I see the same mainstream media focussing on the Occupy Wallstreet/ Frankfurt/Austria movement and even Bild praising Communist Camila Vallejo, I am pretty sure it is a false flag movement, established to deflect attention from the real cause of our problems, our privatised money system, the mega banks and the ECB. 

In spring 2009, I contacted Attac and begged for help in publicising the swine flu jab’s dangers. No reply.

So when I see Attac behind Occupy Wallstreet movement, I suspect it is another false falg movement to serve the banksters and not the people.

What could have been more important than to warn the population that a damaging vaccine was about to be given to people? And that pandemic plans even allowed for forced vaccinations? Attac did not lift a finger 

I will never join this Occupy movement or facebook group because I know how easy it is to be framed in cybersapce.

All it takes is for a few people to post messages of hatred on the facebook site – the organisers will all have dropped out by then – and everyone on the Occuy Austria or Occupy Frankfurt facebook site could be hauled in and imprisoned under new draconian, anti terror laws just passed by the Austrian government.

This trick was also used on  me. My own website, the flucase, was hijacked by Johann Niklasson who started posting inflammatory appeals. I had been locked out of my own website and had nothing to do with these posts. But I would have been held accountable for them if I had not had my old blog to go back to and had not been able to distance myself from Niklasson.

Facebook groups were set up in my name by people had never met and I had no access to them and yet was held responsible for their content. I have no facebook group and no website or blog other than this one. 

It is not just the facebook group which is a problem. A few agent provocateurs can easily cause violence during  a protest organised by Occupy Austria or Occpy Frankfurt  and everyone associated with the group could be in trouble and the target of a crackdown.

Creating a false flag socialist or communist movement to fight a false flag right wing movement is an old tactic of the Globalists. The same bankers funded Nazi Adolf Hitler and Communist Josef Stalin.

The corruption of the Austrian government is becoming plainer every day. This current coalition knows it will not be able to last much longer.

Plans are  clearly in the works to hold and new electionsoon  and far right FPÖ leader and bankster puppet Heinz Christian Strache hopes to seze  power – and play the right wing off against the left wing.

Optimal from the Globalists point of view is if a few banks crash in Austria, wrecking economic havoc.

The banks are going to crash very soon anyway. The world’s top 1000 banks have balance sheets three times bigger than the total economic product of the world. Europe’s banks have to raise 4 trillion next year alone to refinance the debts. The fractional reserve Ponzi euro scheme is  collapsing sooner than later because the Germans refused to keep on handing over all their tax money to the banks via eurozone bailouts.

There is now increasing talk of a return to the Deutschmark even in the mainstream media. A D Mark will shelter ordinary people from the worst effects of the banking collapse. 

The Globalists know this and they know they need to control the opposition if they want to keep on scamming at the expense of the tax payers. All of a sudden, a movement like Occupy Wallstreet/Frankfurt/Austria appears. 

We need to avoid the traps and false flag movements of the Globalists.

By all means, join Occupy protests – but I believe from my own experience it is better to avoid the facebook sites. Make it clear with your posts on the facebook sites, if you do decide to join, that you oppose violence and hatred, make sceenshot  copies of your posts in case they are taken down by the administrator as evidence in case the police investigate the movement at some point in the future because of some alleged „hate speech.“ Make sure you have hard evidence that you really do not have these views.

If your posts opposing violence disappear from the facebook site, email the administrator and keep a copy of the email.

When I spoke to Viktor Eggert in charge of  the criminal section in the Austrian Justice Ministry, he accidently revealed that I was on his criminal data base because I had signed a petition supporting the animal right’s activists during their show trial.

Eggert was also the official who filed defamation charges against me after I protested the way I was being persecuted by justice officials — much as law professor Petra Velten was charged with defamation after criticising the animal right’s activists trial and  the Telekom Austria chief was threatened with defamation charges by the Cabinet Chief of the Interior Ministery after he protested being threatened for publicising Mensdorff Pouilly’s role in TA scandals.

Eggert is moving up the ranks and is now a very senior figure in the justice apparatus. Let no Austrian have any illusions about which private interests the justice officials serve – Baxter, Mensdorff Pouilly etc

Focus always on the main objective – ending our privatised money supply and restoring democracy and law and order.

99% of the Austrians share the same problem – the banks, the privatised money supply, our complicit politicians and a controlled mainstream media – and an out of control pharma industry. 

Let’s not forget, the pandemic plan of Maria Rauch Kallat – the wife of Alfons Mensdorff Pouilly — envisaged vaccinating 100% of the Austrian population with the swine flu jab.

The people need to unite and protest peacefully for a sound money and direct democracy in Austria, in Europe, in the USA.

Remember always your basic rights under the Austrian constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. The right to free speech cannot be violated. The right to a free trial cannot be violated by any government.

Governments who violate our basic rights are criminal governments and any members of such criminal governments need to be held to account for their individual criminal actions in Nuremberg style trials as happened at the end of the second world war.

Above all, people need to wake up and realise there is no „good parent figure“ out there who will fight the fight for us.

We, the people, have to stop behaving like babies and believing there is someone out there in government or in NGOs or in the controlled media to look after us.

We have to grow up and shoulder responsibility for shaping our own futures if we want a better future, at all. It will be served to us on a plate by any facebook movement or any NGO. 

I discovered this the hard way during my  swine flu vaccination information campaign.

The forces and networks ranged against anyone who stands up like me against mass vaccination campaigns are incredibly strong and organised. They have been practising infiltrating movements and destroying whistleblowers for years.

We, the people, have to wise up to the Globalist tactics.




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