Greek protesters burned the flag of Germany as well as a Swastika flag during a 24-hour strike today against the power grab by Germany and foreign creditors for the country’s tax revenues.

Greece’s finance minister Evangelos Venizelos this week rejected a German plan for the eurozone to impose a budget commissioner on the country, saying it “ignores some key historical lessons” – including, of course, the occupation and pillaging of Greece by Nazi Germany during the second world war.

Today, the sinister duo of German Chancellor Angela and French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed that all Greek tax revenues be paid into a special account which the Greek government did not have access to.

Merkel was talking at a press conference in Paris after the German Chancellor took the unprecedented step of campaigning for the re-election of unpopular Globalist Sarkozy.

“The German leader said she also backed the idea of having the interest payments earmarked to an ‘extra account’ so as to “make sure that Greece will steadily make this money available.”

The Telegraph points out that €110bn of interest payments are due to be made by Greece in the next three years on the country’s spiraling fractional reserve.

This amounts to more or less the entire tax revenues over the three-year period unless there is a sweeping debt restructuring.

“A reminder of Greece’s debt redemptions. The country has €14.435bn of debt maturing on March 20, a total of €32bn maturing in 2012, and €110bn maturing over the next three years.”

The German government also said today that elections in April should be postponed to allow for a technocratic government to administer the country – on behalf of the banks.

Just when does Germany and the EU plan to send in the military to crush the Greeks? And the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians trapped in the same debt death spiral? Confiscating the entire tax revenues to pay German, French and US banks, suspending democracy and crushing the economy is surely bound to lead to an uprising.

Greeks are increasingly aware they are the victims of a loan sharking banker’s scam. Greece’s statistics chief Andreas Georgiou is facing life in prison for exaggerating the country’s fractional reserve paper debt in order to lock the country into a punitive EU bankster bailout and push up the interest payments to banks.

Greece has seen its national debt more than double s since it was forced into the EU bailout programme in 2010. The austerity cuts have destroyed the economy but enriched the banks.

Plans to cut a total of 150,000 public sector jobs by 2015 will not reinvigorate the economy because the money saved by the cuts with be drained from the real economy to pay foreign creditors. “[ ] cuts to the minimum wage will have a knock-on effect because they will lead to a 1.3-billion drop in tax revenues and a 2.4-billion reduction in social security contributions.

This means the government will have to make up for these losses. Furthermore, Papandreou, Samaras and Karatzaferis are also being asked to agree to scrap the law that allows terms of collective contracts to apply even after they have expired, meaning employers will have the ability to negotiate new deals based on lower wage structure,” admits The Telegraph.

The growing fury of the Greeks about the way their country has been shaken down by the euro banksters could spell an exit from the euro by March. The Greek government has started to hand out food coupons in schools because so many children are becoming undernourished. The suicide rate has soared.

Tensions between Germany and Greece have forced the eurocrats to admit that Greece could exist the eurozone. German economist Hans Werner Sinn has pointed out that the only way out for Greece is to exit the euro zone, reintroduce the drachma and so regain competitiveness.

Argentina’s former central bank government Mario Blejer has also urged Greece to default on its mountain of national debt.

“In an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel published over the weekend, Mr Juncker said the possibility of a Greek default could not be ruled out. He said: “If we were to establish that everything has gone wrong in Greece, there would be no new programme, and that would mean that in March they have to declare bankruptcy,” writes The Telegraph.

As a leader of the Greek party pointed out, a default by Greece could cost Germany 500 billion – and destroy the Globalist German government.

The German people would ultimately be very grateful because they will be the biggest victims of the ongoing Globalist bankster and fiscal treaty scam as Sinn also has pointed out.

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