The Greek police force is seeking an arrest warrant for the “Troika” officials belonging to the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The Greek police federation sent a letter to ECB, the IMF and the EC, warning them that the arrest of the Troika could be imminent in a letter, which was also published in the Greek press.

The police accuse the Troika of undermining democracy, jeopardizing the survival of the Greek people and looting the country.

No doubt there is one honest judge left who will be ready to sign the arrest warrant if the police really need one. After all, police just nab burglars and put them in jail even without a warrant.

This blogger has argued all along that the Greek penal euro bailout is a gigantic crime scene and those individual who are responsible should be held to account.

The Troika are key figures in the EU bankster bailout scam, but the investigation needs to be widened. European Arrest Warrants should be issued for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy as well as the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, among others.

Firstly, Merkel played a crucial role in burying the recommendation by German economists for an orderly insolvency mechanism to be introduced in 2010, leaving Greece facing the prospect of a chaotic default inside the eurozone if it does not agree to paying penal interest rates to foreign creditors on a staggering and growing national debt.

Secondly, Merkel  bullied Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreous into dropping a referendum on the euro bailout scam according to Bild newspaper, which celebrated her as “Merkules”.

“The open threats worked,” writes Bild, brazenly admitting the thuggery of Merkel. How long are people in Europe going to tolerate this mafia in power?

German citizens, who are also victims of the same bankster bailout scam – plans are afoot to raise the pension age to 75 or 80 -, should do their civic duty and support the arrest of this clique before Germans suffer the same fate and austerity cuts as the euro Ponzi scheme runs its course.

The Greek police threat to arrest the Troika comes as people are rising up against a new wave of austerity cuts.

More legal action should be launched by Greece to sue the EU, IMF and ECB for compensation.

In 2010 already this blog explained that the austerity measures being implemented by the Troika would lead to a death debt spiral. Greece is sinking deeper and deeper in debt  precisely because it is doing what the Troika says. The mainstream media turn cause and effect on their head and claim Greece is in trouble because it is NOT carrying out austerity measures.

Greece is in a death spiral, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote in the Telegraph yesterday.

“Another normal day at the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

We learn that:

Greece’s manufacturing output contracted by 15.5pc in December from a year earlier.

Industrial output fell 11.3pc, compared to minus 7.8pc in November.

Unemployment jumped to 20.9pc in November, up from 18.2pc a month earlier.

I have little further to add. This is what a death spiral looks like,” he writes.

“It is what can happen if you join a fixed exchange system, then take out very large debts in what amounts to a foreign currency, and then have simultaneous monetary and fiscal contraction imposed upon you,” he writes.

This is what happens

1)  if you join a fixed exchange system at a  rate which makes your domestic industry uncompetitive

2)  then are allowed to run up a huge current account deficit in stealth by courtesy of the ECB and Bundesbank using the Target 2 payments system,

3) then have statisticians in the EU and Greek exaggerate your national debt to declare a national souvereign debt crisis,

 4) and then have a brutal corset of interest payments to the banksters imposed on you, and also simultaneous monetary and fiscal contraction.

108 Pasok MPs have now called for an investigation into the statistics fraud.

What this looting means for ordinary people in Greece is explained by Daniel Neun.

500,000 people in Greece, in the meantime, have no more funds at all. They can’t claim support from the state and they can’t get a job.

15,000 people are already homeless.

The unemployment rate among people under 25 is 50%.

Children are collapsing in schools due to a lack of nourishment.

250,000 people depend on the church and charity for a daily meal.

The Orthodox church feeds 30,000 people a day.

Half the apartment blocks in the poor districts of Athens were not heated this winter.

Half a million people have gone to eke out a living in the country.

One million people are threatened with having their electricity cut off because they cannot pay the property tax which is being collected by electricity companies.

Every fifth business in Athens has closed down.

And the new round of cuts has not even begun to take effect.

Minimum wages will be cut by 22%.

The wages of state employees to be frozen.

150,000 officials are to be axed by 2012.

Power, infrastructure and real estate is to be sold off to foreign companies for a song under a special trust agency.

The banks are to receive 40 billion euros as recapitalization.

To accelerate the looting of Greece, Merkel and Schäuble proposed setting up a “Gauleiter” or budget overseer with control over the entire tax revenues of the country. Another proposal is to set up a special account to service the foreign creditors which the Greek government has no access to.

A German lawmaker has even called for Greece to be given a new name.

Georgios „Jorgo“ Chatzimarkakis said that the country needs  to be given a new constitution – perhaps one enshrining Angela Merkel as the new Queen.

Is it any wonder that the country is now on the brink of a revolution with wildcat strikes and the occupation of ministry buildings?

Only in the studios of ARD Globalist puppet Thomas Gottschalk do the voice of the Greek people not count. Gottschalk portrays the Greeks as children who need supervision of their economy because they can’t manage it themselves by adults like much of the rest of the mainstream German media, including Bild newspaper.

Germans should run the Greek economy because Greeks are too infantile to manage it. Democracy has no more role to pay. That is the patronizing message of Gottschalk crammed into the first week of his new early evening propaganda show.

The Telegraph calls the comments of far-right party leader, George Karatzaferis inflammatory, also strongly suggesting an independent political view has no more place in the new Greek bankster colony.

“The Greek far-right party leader, George Karatzaferis, said he could not vote in favour of the €130bn proposed bailout package proposed for the country.

In inflammatory comments made at a press conference, Mr Karatzaferis also said the IMF mission chief for Greece should be persona non grata in the country.

I explained to the other political leaders that I cannot vote for this loan agreement. If we want things to go forward, Poul Thomsen must be declared persona non grata for Greece.

We are not going to vote. Humiliation was imposed on us. I do not tolerate this. And I do not allow it, no matter how hungry I might be.


The Greek parliament is expected to vote through the EU package this Sunday as it has voted through all the other austerity cuts so far.

However, even Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has been forced to recognise that the country is at a turning point and must make a decision about whether to chose the euro or the Drachma. Especially if the Drachma is introduced as public money printed by the government with no interest attached, a return to the Drachma should prove to be the start of a recovery for Greece, attracting tourists, making its industry competitive again and allowing liquidity to flow through the economy.



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