Irish health authories in swine flu vaccine cover up

Ireland’s health authority, the HSE, claims that it cannot find out how many people have narcolepsy after taking the swine flu vaccine because vaccination data which should have been entered onto computers is incomplete, reports The Irish Examiner.

Clearly, the HSE is not making much effort to find out what damage the jab caused perhaps because of fears of compensation claims or even criminal charges.

 A report in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse last Friday underlined the link between the swine flu jab and narcolepsy in Sweden and Finland where 60 and 50% of the population, respectively, took it.

“As a result of this deficit, the HSE decided to write to all neurologists, sleep clinics, respiratory physicians, and paediatric psychiatrists to request that they trawl their records for recent cases of narcolepsy. Up to 90 letters were sent but only 19 consultants responded, eight of whom reported diagnosing narcolepsy since 2005.,” writes Catherine Shanahan

Why did the HSE not make a response compulsory. Why is there no compulsory reporting of the side effects from the swine flu vaccine as might be expected?

The HSE says about 30 cases of narcolepsy have been identified so far.

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