Two thirds of Irish households refuse to pay banker property tax

Just over 30% or 600,000 of the 1.8 million eligible households in Ireland have so far paid a new €100 household charge, reports the Irish Independent.

The number of people paying the tax is bound to increase before the deadline tomorrow. But the refusal of two thirds of the Irish households to pay the property tax is one of the largest acts of civic disobedience ever in modern Irish history.

The  €100 household tax is to be replaced a higher property tax next year on the behest of the EU/IMF/ECB  Troika.

As in Greece, the Irish government has threatened to deduct the property tax from electricity bills or cut off electricity from those who refuse to pay. A series of show trials are also planned for people who refuse to pay the banker tax.

People are deliberately not paying a tax because they know their money is going to banksters and bondholders, who  inflated the country’s national debt. A complicit government has compelled the people of Ireland to pay a private bank debt.

The household tax revolt indicates that the people of Ireland will overwhelming reject the new fiscal pact in a referendum on May 31st – as long as the police guard the voting boxes and the referendum is honest. There is a growing awareness about the government manipulates figures on a whole range of issues.

The fiscal pact is just another household tax on an EU-wide scale. It will strip the people of the right to any say in how their tax money is spent and allow for limitless taxation by unaccoutable bodies.

Meanwhile in Spain, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated against banker austerity.

Read more about the household tax revolt on the WUAG blog:

Massive Boycott of the Household Tax

March 21, 2012 by Workers and Unemployed Action Group

Support the National Protest Rally at the National Stadium, Dublin on Saturday next, 24 March 2012 from 1pm to 4pm

 “We welcome the massive Boycott of the Household Tax that is evident from the huge figure of 1,576,000 that have not registered out of 1,800,000 households that the government says must do so. While we know that the numbers who register will increase somewhat, we believe that a massive cohort of ordinary householders will refuse to do so and that the March 31 deadline will pass with mass opposition evident for all to see.

Hundreds of thousands of householders do not take lightly a decision to engage in mass peaceful civil disobedience. The strength of opposition in this case does not surprise us, however, as, when we addressed public meetings of the Campaign right around the country in the last ten weeks, we could see from the thousands who attended that there is a major determination among ordinary people to fight this new tax.

We could see that they know it represents the beginning of the process of constructing a new tier of taxation that would quickly reach €1,000 and beyond. We also note how the Household Tax is linked in the minds of those opposing with the billions being paid from taxpayers’ funds to bail out bankers and speculators for bad private gambling debts and with the swingeing austerity being imposed which people see as highly destructive of services and society generally.”

Deputy Healy reiterated his support for the Boycott Campaign. He urges people to stand in solidarity and not to be intimidated by government threats. He believes that the people power being evoked in opposition to the Home Tax cannot be ignored and calls on the government to withdraw it now. He calls for a tax on the super wealth of the very richest, which in the case of the foremost 300, grew by €5 billion in one year alone from March 2011 to 2012 (€57 billion to €62 billion according to Sunday Independent ‘Rich List’)

Deputy Healy strongly supports the NATIONAL PROTEST RALLY AT THE NATIONAL STADIUM, DUBLIN ON SATURDAY, MARCH 24 and urges a very large turnout.

Seamus Healy T.D.
56 Queen Street, Clonmel.
Tel : 087 2802199


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