Leveson inquiry probes modern corporate media power

 *Leveson inquiry focuses on “unelected force” of  media executives as part of groundbreaking inquiry

*Murdoch media empire executive Rebekah Brooks questioned on close links to politicians

*James Murdoch forced to quit board of GlaxoSmithKline — producer of Pandemrix swine flu jab — over role in hacking scandal

*The era of the modern corporate media as an propaganda of instrument draws to an end

Former News of the World and Sun editor Rebekah Brooks was questioned about the “unelected power” of the media during her appearance at the Leveson Inquiry today.

Brooks became a key player in the News International Empire because of her close personal relationship to Rupert Murdoch and his son, James. She is the Friede Springer of the UK – only Brooks married the best friend of UK Prime Minister David Cameron and not Cameron or Murdoch himself.

Brooks said today Rupert Murdoch rang her “very frequently”, presumably to dictatate the spin the newspaper should give to stories such as  the swine flu pandemic of 2009, which was hyped into existence by the media.

The close links between the media and pharmaceutical companies are underlined by the appointment of media executive James Murdoch to the board of GlaxoSmithKline, the UK’s largest drugs manufacturer, on February 2, 2009.

This was about the same time as Baxter nearly triggered a global pandemic by contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu in their biosecurity 3 facilities in Austria.


The bird flu scare was quickly followed by the swine flu hype.

The beneficiaries of the pandemic hype were drug makers like

GSK, the producer of Pandemrix swine flu jab, which has been linked to narcolepsy in Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Germany.

Mainstream media companies such as News International and Springer Verlag – founded by Nazi propagandist Axel Springer — in Germany played a key role in not only hyping the danger of the swine flu pandemic.

Crucially, they concealed from people the evidence that the swine flu jab was damaging.

They also concealed from the public the existence of national pandemic plans which foresaw a vaccination coverage for 100% of the population and allowed for the pandemic jab to be given to people by force under the pretext of an emergency.

31 million people in Europe took the Pandemrix jab.


The mainstream media also conceals from people key information about how our financial system really works.

The fact that private banks now lend so much money that it makes up virtually the entire money supply of the UK, USA and eurozone is concealed from people.

The fact that the interest and compound interest on this method of creating money as debt is growing exponentially all the time is concealed from people.

And the inevitability of the collapse of our financial systems under this debt through hyperinflation or crushing austerity is concealed from people.

A veil is thrown over the solution: governments putting money into circulation without charging interest while banks are forced to  have 100% capital reserve.

Demanding banks have a 9% capital reserve when they create the entire money supply as they do right now dooms economies to collapse.

Economies cannot function without money. Money is currently is being sucked out of the real economies of the UK, USA and the eurozone by banks, which are poised to sweep up the assets of the bankrupted nations and individuals.

The modern mainstream media corporations like News International and Springer Verlag are gigantic propaganda machines serving a malign Globalist agenda but ppeople are now waking up to the extent of the lies  of the mainstream media.

The fact that only 3% of the Austrians, Israelis, 1% of the Italians and Spaniards and 6% of the Germans and French took the swine flu jab in 2009 reflects just how dramatic the collapse in confidence in the mainstream media and also in governments and health regulators and authorities has been.

The Leveson inquiry is a groundbreaking event and could accelerate the end of the power of media moguls in shaping political events, including wars.

James Murdoch quit the board of GSK in January 2012 because of his role in the industrial-scale spying by the Murdoch media empire uncovered by the Leveson inquiry.



Rupert Murdoch earlier told the Leveson inquiry that anyone who wanted to find out his views just had to read the Sun editorial, highlighting just how lacking in independence Brooks was.

Brooks, like Murdoch, has close personal relations with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as well as their wives.

The Leveson inquiry has shone the spot light into a very dark network. Thanks to the information the inquiry has uncovered we can see just how pandemic plans could be implemented and pandemics hyped by a tiny clique for their own profit and with devastating consequences for everyone else.




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