Austrian Defence Minister makes inflammatory anti-Israeli remarks: Darabos plans to recruit more prisoners in jails to serve in new Austrian army

The Simon Wiesenthal centre has accused Globalist puppet and Austrian SPÖ  Defence Minister Norbert Darabos of anti Semtism after Darabos made personal remarks belittling the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The Simon Wiesenthal centre’s call for Darabos to resign will, I am sure, be supported by many people in Austria, including myself.

Darabos seems to be willing to use even criminal methods in his push to abolish conscription and set up a voluntary army. Conscripts cannot be sent abroad to fight in theatres of operation such as Africa while professional soldiers can. In fact, Darabos has just  offered to send more soldiers to  Syria and also on a new mission in Mali.

Darabos has already recruited prisoners to serve in his new professional army. Convicted criminals in Styria have been offered the alternative of serving in the army as part of a pilot project which Darabos intends to expand.

Do the Israelis really want convicted Austrian criminals patrolling their streets under the direction of people like Avigdor Liebermann while significant numbers of Israel’s young people serve at some front? The scenario cannot be ruled out.

Darabos’ remarks seem to be part of a familiar puppet show designed to inflame hostility between nations.

Right wing Orthodox Jews have, however, an exemption from military service so they will not be the community to bear the brunt of any war in the Middle East.

Darabos seemed to be willing to go to extreme methods to fire and eliminate General Edmund Entacher, who dared to criticise plans to end conscription.

Entacher’s car was sabotaged in a mysterious incident which triggered an investigation.

But the military industrial complex needs wars to generate mega profits and there will be no world war three with conscript armies forced to stay on domestic territory….

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