Pandemrix swine flu vaccination linked to Bulbar ALS disease in Sweden

The governments of Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Finland have already confirmed thousands of cases of the sleeping disorder narcolepsy among people who took the swine flu Pandemrix vaccination in 2009.

Now, eight cases of people suffering from Bulbar amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neurone disease, after taking a Pandemrix jab have emerged in Sweden.

Bulbar ALS is a neurogenerative disease which leads to death within 2 to 3 years.

It has pretty specific symptoms, including the loss of the ability to speak clearly.

Eight people who took the Pandemrix vaccination in Sweden and who developed Bulbar ALS have been tracked so far on the Swedish blog but highly likely there are many people with the same disease in other countries like Norway and Ireland.


Bulbar amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


What is Bulbar ALS?

• Bulbar ALS destroys motor neurons in the

corticobulbar area of the brainstem in the early stages

of ALS.

• The corticobulbar area controls muscles of the face,

head and neck.

• Bulbar ALS usually progresses faster than limb onset.


Not All People Living with Bulbar ALS Experience

the Same Symptoms

• Loss of speech occurs in 93 per cent of people with

bulbar ALS.

• Difficulty swallowing occurs in 86 per cent of people

with bulbar ALS.

• Involuntary tongue twitching occurs in 64 per cent of

people with bulbar ALS.

• Vocal cord spasms occur in 19 per cent of people with

bulbar ALS.

Symptoms Affecting Speech

• Changes in voice and speech.

• Harsh, hoarse or strained voice.

• Breathy speech pattern.

• Poor articulation.

• Decrease in range of pitch and loudness of voice.

Other Symptoms

• Spasms in muscles of the jaw, face, voice box, throat

and tongue.

• Inappropriate excessive laughing and crying.

• Brisk jaw jerks.

• Involuntary twitching in the muscles of the tongue.

• Vocal cord spasms causing

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