Student protests in Canada widen

Canada’s ‘Maple Spring’ Hits Fever Pitch But Risks Becoming Neutralized By the Globalists

Patrick Henningsen
May 25, 2012

Reaching its 100th day of protests, Canada’s own “Maple Spring” has reached a fever pitch this week, as student protesters have now consolidated their efforts with the country’s labor unions and environmental groups.

The Maple Spring protests were originally staged in opposition to the government’s steep hike in university tuition fees, and have since exploded into a full-blown political crisis with mass demonstrations and violent clashes with police taking place throughout Montreal and Quebec City.

The Canadian government’s response to the protests has been to pass the draconian Bill 78, a piece of emergency legislation that effectively ends freedom of assembly and freedom of expression – if the government deems it necessary – which it has.

As a result of Bill 78, some 500 people were arrested in Montreal on Wednesday night and 176 people in Quebec City were detained under the new law.

To date, some 2,500 protesters have been arrested, and many others sustaining serious, and even life-threatening physical injuries at the hands of the Canadian police.

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