A publisher in Poland has brought out a Polish translation of The Fourth Empire, a  fiction book about the financial scam perpetrated by a global elite at a Bilderberg-style meeting in Switzerland in 2009.

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The preface to the Polish edition covers the mysterious death fo the Polish finance minister in the Smolensk plane crash in 2010:

Slawomir Skrzypek, the governor of the National Bank of Poland, wrote
a piece for Financial Times arguing against the euro.

He never lived to see it published. Skrzypek was among those who died
in the mysterious Smolensk plane crash on April 10th, 2010. The FT
printed his comment on Monday April 12, 2010.

Skrzypek points out that one of the reasons why the Polish economy has
been relatively successful was the zloty. The zloty currency could be
devalued to keep Polish goods competitive and allow for more exports.
That creates jobs. Jobs and income reduce the national debt – and
interest payments to foreign banks.

“Between 2008 and 2009, Poland’s real effective exchange rate,
allowing for differences in unit labour costs, fell by nearly 20 per
cent – a significant factor behind the narrowing of the current
account deficit,” he wrote.

Countries which joined the eurozone like Greece can no longer devalue
their currencies and regain competitiveness. They, therefore, sink
deeper and deeper into debt and to foreign creditors. These foreign
creditors can manipulate the credit market using instruments such as
credit default swaps to drive up interest rates on that souvereign
debt. Jobs are lost; governments implement austerity to make the
interest payments to foreign creditors; economies are ruined; people
become impoverished.

“The decade-long story of peripheral euro members drastically losing
competitiveness has been a salutary lesson,” wrote Skrzypek.

What Skrzypek wrote about the zloty is true of every currency.

“Poland is committed eventually to entering the single currency. But
recent experience – both the problems in the eurozone and our own
generally positive circumstances outside it – make us question whether
we should submit quickly to a rigid exchange rate regime as a
pre-condition for entry.”

In 2012, we are witrnessing one country after another in the eurozone
slide into debt salvery because they are locked into a currency union
and cannot devalue.

In addition, 97% of the money created in the eurozone is created by
private banks as is also the case in the USA and UK. That means the
people have to pay huge interest — and compound interest – just for
using money!!!

Money needs to be put in circulation by a government or state bank
without any hidden interest payment. China puts money in circulation
in this way.

Banks should only be allowed to lend what they actually have or a 100%
capital reserve. Thanks to the fractional reserve banking system banks
can now only have to have 3% of what they lend.

And of course, Poland should never join the euro but keep the zloty to
allow for devaluations.

This book tries to explain in an entertaining way how our financial
system really works.

But as Skrzypek found out, the euro is serious business. Banks stand
to earn trillions by pushing countries into debt, getting huge
interest payments and acquiring assets for a song. All of this is made
possible by the euro.

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