CDC hypes 18,500 swine flu deaths into half a million

Jon Rappoport demonstrates why the  CDC’s revised swine flu death estimates a “fairy tale scare story”.

In 2009, WHO labs counted only 18,500 deaths from the swine flu but the CDC now claims as many as half a million died from the virus – and without any solid basis.

The CDC’s “new graphic novel”, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic”, underlines the way the CDC is now firmly in the realm of fantasy and unable to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Readers follow (CDC staff?) Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a familiar old moral disease involving greed and lies begins spreading, turning ordinary people working in the CDC and governments into zombies.

If you find the CDC comic too tedious, you can order a „Don’t be a Zombie“ poster in various sizes from the CDC. The poster appears to feature a CDC staff member, trying to figure out how many people believed the swine flu „pandemic“ hype of 2009 by counting on their fingers.

Taking up the theme of pandemics as pure fiction, Amanda Yesilbas has listed „Novels that Could Help You Prepare for a Future Pandemic“…

„When you think about pants-wettingly terrifying apocalyptic scenarios, the most horrifying might well be the worldwide plague,“ pipes Amanda Yesilbas as the world has to face another wave of pandemic hype.

Surely, a far more terrifying apocalyptic scenario involves a group of evil people orchestrating an artificial  pandemic by contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with a deadly bird flu virus, spreading fear and intiating a mass vaccination campaign with a poisonous jab. That happened in 2009. Yes, life can be stranger than fiction.

„A deadly disease could spread around the planet at alarming speed, and kill most of the population before we even knew what was going on,“ continues the hype,  which does give us a clue about what the Globalists are planning to do, namely launch a mega hype about any new virus, however harmless it might be.

„Luckily, some of the best novels (and graphic novels) have dealt with the aftermath of a civilization-ending pandemic…“ Luckily?{“type”:”iframeUpdated”,”height”:1140}

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