Letter confirming my complaint against Baxter was investigated by state prosecutors in Austria: pandemic plan kickbacks scandal widens

July 27, 2012

Here it is again: a pdf copy of a letter from the Austrian Health Ministry dated May 2009 confirming that I had made a complaint against Baxter and Avir and that state prosecutors had started an investigation into the incident involving the contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with the deadly bird flu virus in Baxter’s biosecurity 3 level facilities in Orth an der Donau.

Hinausschrift_BMG-92400_0049-I_B_8_2009_20.05.2009_Burgermeister,_Jane_(1)[1] Read the rest of this entry »

New French pandemic plan targets internet

July 27, 2012

The role information circulating on the internet played in persuading people in France not to take the pandemic vaccine in 2009 is confirmed by the country’s new pandemic plan.

The plan states that number of French people willing to take the pandemic vaccine dropped from 65% at the end of August 2009 to 39% on September 15th and, one month later, stood at only 19%. The drop in numbers of people willing to take the vaccine is ascribed to information available on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr Carley’s radio show on Poland, Olympics and rabies virus threat

July 27, 2012

Dr Rebecca Carley and I talked about Poland, forced vaccination and the Olympics on a radio show last Thursday. Check out the link here:


Resistance to new compulsory vaccination in Poland grows

July 27, 2012

When will the next „pandemic” strike? Vaccination enforcement in Poland.

Sent by Marek Podlecki, Poland

This time neither the government nor the Minister of Health will have a say. They will HAVE TO buy vaccines and all Poles will be FORCED to have them injected, and that is no conspiracy theory. Read the rest of this entry »

Jewish Holocaust survivor compares new forced vaccine measures in Poland to Nazi crimes at Polish Senate hearing

July 27, 2012

Vaccine Holocaust
Eliza Walczak at the Senate Comittee of Diseases on 07.04.2012

Transcript and translation into English: Read the rest of this entry »

Open letter rejecting new Polish forced vaccine measures

July 27, 2012

Letter opposing new forced vaccination in Poland:  Dr Jaskowski’s Franciszkanska Foundation analyses the new plan: Read the rest of this entry »

Check out Sherri Kane’s blog

July 27, 2012