The Polish government is ramming through new pandemic forced vaccination laws at top speed.

Check out Ryszard Wiercinski’s petition in Polish:

The measures approved by the Polish Sejm on June 15th 2012 give a clue as what could be in store for the rest of us in the event of a new pandemic emergency declaration.

The Daily Mail is one of the many mainstream media outlets currently hyping a new pandemic bird flu and zoombie emergency as well as so-called “pre-pandemic” vaccines which could now be given to us without any pandemic emergency declaration!–scientists-scrambling-new-vaccines.html

Questionable and illegal are plans to restrict access to information about any infectious disease or pandemic virus to a small group of institutions and fee paying clients in the new Polish laws. Even these groups can be denied information under a clause governing the new information network GIS (Sentinel).

Without access to documents and facts, it will be much harder for bloggers and activists to refute pandemic propaganda as we were able to do in 2009. It will also be much easier to declare vaccine critics mentally ill, shut down their blogs and haul them away.

Restricting information in this way is surely, however, against the law. There is a legal right to information.

The new Polish laws also loosen the definition of what constitutes an infectious disease, thereby allowing a pandemic to be declared more quickly. In fact, a pandemic can be declared with no reason at all and virtually arbitrarily, says Ryszard.

In 2009, WHO also loosened its criteria of a pandemic in order to be able to declare a pandemic emergency level 6, triggering national pandemic vaccination plans.

People can be forced to take not just one vaccine but several under the new Polish plans.

Vague language about who can be subjected to a forced vaccination allows for compulsion to be extended to all people and not just children.

The new law also contains measures for compulsory vaccination by medical personnel under the supervision of a doctor.

Perhaps negatively impressed by the way half the Polish government was wiped out in the mysterious Smolensk plane crash – and just after the then Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz gave evidence at the PACE inquiry about her reasons for rejecting pandemic vaccines in 2009 –, Polish lawmakers are falling over themselves to tighten pandemic laws in a way favourable to Big Pharma.

Fortunately, a massive movement of protest has started.


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