Jewish Holocaust survivor compares new forced vaccine measures in Poland to Nazi crimes at Polish Senate hearing

Vaccine Holocaust
Eliza Walczak at the Senate Comittee of Diseases on 07.04.2012

Transcript and translation into English:

EW: Mister Chairman, Senators.

I am a lobbyst registered with number 197, I’m lobbying on the cause of patient rights, I guarantee patient rights in accordance with actual medical knowlegde. United Social Tolerance Experiments have received a notification from more than 600 private civilians. I represent here ordinary citizens, potencial patients, who will have to obey the polish law. The main problems, which we are indicating in the law from 15 june, which changes the infectuous disease law, deserve a special understanding and exposure. On the first eyesight we can see two very unsettling changes, about which were talking the Senators. These are: introduction of obligatory vaccination outside of the national protective vaccination program and introduction of obligatory drug taking – “prophylactically”. What is taking drugs “prophylactically” or a “pharma-prophylaxis” practice, as Minister said…? Medicine knows a variety of prophylaxis, starting with avoiding threats, sport, good nutrition and ending on taking supplements, but vaccines do not protect us from disease – we still could be sick after applicating the vaccine, we just have better chances of surviving. In my opinion the statement „prophylactically treatment” was used recklessly and could be used to define a theraphy of chronic patients in order to prevent futher deepening of the disease. However it cannot prevent a healthy human from becoming ill. Polish sejm has passed a law that will force healthy people to take vaccines with substances that we know that have side effects. How is it possible that on this amendment voted representatives that are medical doctors, including Ewa Kopacz, who earlier has saved us from unnecessary (as it turned out) vaccines? Supposedly we are missing money for drugs for patients. So why in such case are we allowing forced application of undefined drugs on healthy people? What do we do with the articles in Constitution of the Republic of Poland that say, in 38 article: “The Republic of Poland provides life protection for every human by law”? Article 39 of the polish Constitution: “No one can be subjected to an scientific experiment, including medical experiment (…)”.

In this moment the chairman of the commitee interrupts the speaker: – Dear Madam! Please make a concise speech!

EW: – I’m sorry, I have here prepared…

The chairman of the commitee insistently: – One moment, please… I lead this commitee. I’m asking you to make a concise speeech and talk about this law, and not to make a speech that is absoulutly political and non-essential. So I would like to see a short, essential speech.

EW:-I’m very sorry, I’m not a senator, nor a lawyer, I’m a sociologist and I represent patients rights. I beg you pardon if I do not adapt to the convention you are accustomed to. I made my speech as precise as I could and I ask for patience.

Chairman of the committee:-So make a concise speech.

EW:-I would like to appeal to the 40th article of the Polish Constitution: “Nobody can be subjected to torture, nor to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment. Corporal punishment is forbidden. Article 41: “Everyone has the righ to personal inviolability and personal freedom. Freedom deprivation or restriction can be allowed only on the term and procedures scecified in this law”. And by passing this law that we are debating on, you are allowing to create a possibility of freedom restriction.

What is unsettling about this law in our opinion? Firstly, change of the definition of infectious disease, about which you were also submiting remarks. This raises concern about enlargment of vaccination obligation and it gives the right to declare an epidemy on trivial grounds, and as a result makes vaccination of every citizen an obligation– article number 2, second law. Secondly in article 5, it sets the obligation of protective vaccination on every citizen, not only children. The purpose of this change is to merge the laws in respect of state of epidemy with general law – article 5, first law. There is no compensation if you report undesiderable side effects – repeal, article 21, law number 9. We see here a attempt to monopolise and restrict acces to the information about infections, infectuous diseases and undesiderable vaccination side effects. It is done by registering this information only in the payable system – “sentinel” and making this system avaiable only to some institutions and prior to signing an agreement. However even payable acces can be restricted by “GIS” (“Chief Sanitary Inspectorate”), because this institution foresees a possibility of rejection on grounds not specified in any way in the project of this law – article 29a. Controversial is the topic of means of coercion, which was also taken into account by Senators. It is carried out by medical staff under the supervision of a medical doctor – article 36, law number 2. I really don’t know how will you execute this. Sixthly – the abolition of the powers of Ministry of Health to issue regulations respecting the actions of sanitary inspection.

Ladies and Gentelman I’m a jewish women, I was 10 years in Israel, I’m one of the authors of therapeutic programs, which are related to the new medicine, which has roots in the ancient medicine and tries to prevent pharmacy. Enforced tratment brings to our minds holocaust. A problem is created, then a solution is proposed – more ultimate than it follows from the misleading assertions.In this times going with the spirit of miniaturisation and modernisation, natural threats are replaced with microbs grown in a laboratory, nozzle of showers are replaced with syringes and toxic gas is replaced with living microbs in vaccines. This progress is easly seen with a naked eye – we are leaving in times of miniaturisation. And nobody seems interested in medical doctors like doctor Rath from Germany, who presents the genology of the problem of the pharmaceutic vaccine business, refering us to the documents publicated in “Profit Over Life”. These are Nuremberg documents Laidies and Gentelman, where is shown a link between today pharmaceutical companies that advocate vaccines and concentration camps in Auschwitz, Laidies and Gentelman. There is yet another difference between old and new ways of “healing” the Earth from the excess of people. During the holocaust people were led under the shower by soldiers of the enemy. [part of the sentence is drowned out by the chairman of the committee].

Chairman of the committee:- Dear Madame, please start coming to the end of your speech. Laidies and Gentelman I’m announcing 5 minutes break.

EW:- Today Polish people will be led under the syringe by a national policemen, under the consent of polish senators and politicians. I’m asking on behalf of ordinary citizens that this won’t take place. Thank you for your attention.

Chairman of the committee:-I won’t comment on your speech, because, it is, I think, simply scandalous and I think that… Dear Madame, you don’t have a say right now. You don’t have a say right now, ok?!

EW:-This law is outrageous, almost everyone voted on it – only one representative from “PiS” [two, three words drowned out by the chairman of the committee] voted against it.

I represent patients. We are talking not about the law, not about pharmacy, not about business, we are talking about human life. This affects everyone. I’m sorry about my behaviour, but I’m very dissatisfied with today procedure and talking about human life as if it were just signing agreements.

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