Stronach’s new “false flag” opposition party flops in Austria: Globalists face euro meltdown with little political cover: Finland prepares for euro collapse

You read about it on this blog first: Globalist and Magna chief Frank Stronach has been trying to recruit people for a new „false flag“ opposition party as the euro crisis escalates.

Stronach even rang the solictor handling the sale of my flat in Vienna and offered him a job as Justice Minister. Not to mention a chauffeur-driven car. The sensible solicitor turned the offer down – and he is not the only one.

In the meantime, Stronach’s frantic plans to form a new party are making headlines in Austria.

The Globalists know very well the ollapse of the euro under the weight of interest could happen very soon and that is why Stronach is in a hurry to found a party to control the fall out.

The Rand Paul of Austria, Stronach hopes to channel disaffection now that plans for new pandemic scares have failed and the people of Israel are anything but willing to serve as sacrificial lambs in a new phase of globalist engineered war mongering..

 The euro crisis has now reached the point where the government of Finland is openly preparing for the collapse of the eurozone.

The count down has started.

In the past few days, it has emerged, Stronach approached Members of Parliament belonging to the ÖVP, offering them lucrative two-year contracts if they fail to get a seat after the next elections. Only to be turned down. 

No one wants to join the Globalist/Rothschild/Stronach ticket on their ride to oblivion. Only two MPs from the Social Democrats and Freedom Party have so far succumbed to Stronach’s charms.

Recruiting disaffected three MPs would allow Stronach to avoid the bother of finding the 2,600 signatures required to found a new party, a hurdle which Stronach may well find hard to reach.

 The fans of Austria Wien FAK football club have made their views of owner „Uncle“ Stronach crystal clear. Stronach enjoys popularity only in the columns of newspapers and among so called „political experts“. 

„Keep on loving your money…Our heart belongs to Austria Wien,“ one fan page declares.

The final plea is „Freedom for Austria Wien“. Note the picture showing fans holding a banner with the words „Get out Magna.“

To which I might add:

„Keep on evading taxes in Zug, Switzerland, Frank, while cashing all the subsidies you can in Austria. Get out Magna.“


 „Keep on using bribing politicians to give you castles like Reifnitz far below the market price. Get out Magna.“

Stronach hopes to lure a third defector from one of the other parliamentary parties and be able to form his own faction at top speed. And he may succeed. But one thing he will surely not get is many votes at the next election barring massive voter fraud.

 The Stronach principle of using money to corrupt — football club, politics ( virtually every ultra corrupt politician has been associated at some point with Stronach/Deripaska/Rothschild and Magna) — is going to go down like a lead balloon with voters.

People in Austria are sick to death of just this very brazen corruption. They are sick and tired of the established parties too doing nothing to stop this catastrophe.

We still have no plan for an orderly exit from the eurozone and no plan to switch the eurozone money supply to public money.

The Globalists had better get used to the idea that they will not be able to control the fall out when the euro collapses.

We know who they are. We know about our privatised money system and the interest and compound interest destroying our economies.

We know.

Get out Stronach and co. While you can.

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