The Death of a Father: an old photo brings back Austria’s traumatic history

September 5, 2012

Sipping some wine to mourn – or perhaps to celebrate? – my leaving Austria, one of my elderly neighbours  mentioned the resignation speech of Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schusschnig in 1938, which ended with the words “May God protect Austria.”

Every Austrian knows what happened after the Annexation with Nazi Germany in 1938 because virtually every Austrian was, or has parents/grandparents who were, traumatized by the Nazi terror regime, the corruption of the Nazi government, and who suffered — and/or made others suffer — in a brutal war before Austria collapsed in starvation and ruin on Nazi Germany’s defeat in 1945.

My own father was caught up in these events when he was called up on his 18th birthday in September 1942.

I found a photo of him taken not long after the war when he had started studying economics at Vienna university, and I think his serious expression says a lot about what he had experienced.

After a short period of basic training in Poland, he was sent to fight in Finland and one of the few in his Waffen SS Mountain troops division to have survived – and that only because he was injured and sent to convalesce in Germany.

Thanks to him, I got some glimpse of the  incredibly evil Nazi world – and also how our fractional reserve financial system really works.

May God protect Austria from more financial meltdowns, more wars, more Globalist opportunists like Frank Stronach and more leaders spouting racist nonsense like Freedom Party leader and CIA puppets Heinz Christian Strache and brazenly corrupt politicians like Martin Graf.

A big step to protecting Austria is keeping army conscription. Polls show the majority of Austrians want to keep conscription and an upcoming referendum pushed by Globalistsis highly likely to result in a vote for conscription.

Conscription  places constitutional limits on what soldiers can do and so ensure an army cannot be used against its own people or sent to fight foreign wars for the banksters.

It is time for every Austrian to mobilize to ensure a positive referendum result and stop an voter fraud. God helps those who help themselves, is an old proverb.

Austrians should never again ask God to do what they will not do themselves.

This is my last post Austria, onto a new city, a new life and hopefully a new website.