Was WHO official Glenn Thomas assassinated in MH17 crash to intimidate WHO officials, NGOs and scientists over Ebola?

*Parallels with Smolensk plane crash of 2010

The revelation that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas and six AIDS researchers died in the mysterious MH 17 plane crash in the Ukraine bolsters fears they were assassinated.

While fake alternative media such as Infowars have done a good job in showing the holes in the official narrative, especially by asking why the MH17 plane was flying over Ukrainian battle space in the first place when US aviation authorities had prohibited it and European aviation authorities had placed restrictions, there are a crucial facts Infowars will not report.




Infowars will not report that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas was killed on the plane at a time when WHO is once more in the spotlight for its role in an orchestrated Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Glenn Thomas is the media officer I rang and emailed in April 2014 concerning the Ebola outbreak attack. I also spoke to him in April 2009 concerning the bird flu and swine flu false flag pandemic.

It is conceivable that Glenn Thomas, who seemed a very sympathetic, open-minded individual on the phone, had, like other WHO officials, begun to follow my blog, assess the evidence and become aware of global elite’s depopulation agenda and the role WHO was playing in it.

It is possible, in fact, highly likely, ´that Thomas had become aware of the dangerous threat that the current Ebola outbreak coupled with the International Health Regulations represents. It is possible he decided to move from being a passive spectator to doing something to stop plans to use weaponized Ebola to kill large numbers of people.

He may have began to circulating information ignored by the controlled mainstream media and alternative media, to people in the AIDs network and other networks he worked with in his professional capacity. It may be that significant numbers of people had become aware that AIDS vaccines are bioweapon and had resolved to do something to blow the lid on the real cause of the Ebola outbreak.

Given the extent of Google and NSA surveillance of all our emails and phone calls, it is possible that the elite registered that some of the “minions” whom they rely upon to administer and manage the Ebola outbreak were no longer responding to the mainstream media brainwashing, and decided to make an example of them.

The obviousness fakeness of the MH 17 plane crash is deliberate. The government, the Pentagon and the CIA are interested in sending the message — the same message they sent in 2010 when they wiped out half the Polish government for being the one country which refused to activate pandemic plans and inject the population with the swine flu jab in a fake staged plane crash at Smolensk– question the government, go off message and you will be assassinated. At the same time, they want to forward their Third World War agenda.

Six key people in the AIDS research world killed in the MH17 crash, including Joep Lange and his wife Jacqueline van Tongeren from the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.

Lange was called a “giant” in the AIDS research field, which means that he almost certainly knew that the HIV vaccine is a bioweapon causing AIDS. He would, therefore, have understood the implications of unleashing Ebola not just on Africa but on the world through experimental vaccines as the Wellcome Trust has recently demanded.


Infowars will not report that these six died on their way to the International AIDS conference in Melbourne which is funded by Bill Gates, one of the main architects of the elite’s eugenicist vaccine programme.

The fake alternative media will not report the facts concerning the US bioweapons lab in Kenema at the center of the Ebola outbreak, including the funding it receives from the Bill and Melinda Gates and Soros Foundation.

They will not report that global elite puppets Bill Clinton and Bob Geldof are due to address 12,000 researchers in Melbourne.

Geldof’s daughter, Peaches Geldof, recently died after exposing gross acts of paedophilia by singer Ian Watkins as well as her links to the ultra secretive elite Satanic freemason lodge Ordi Templi Orientis.



In reporting the plane crash, Infowars will not report that the bodies found at the crash site were decomposed and drained of blood ie perfect material to start a local plague. Neither will they report that large amounts of blood serum and medical supplies were found at the crash site.

By contrast, the pilot’s cockpit was filled with fresh bodies and fresh blood, according to Igor Strelkov’s full statement on  German blogs.



This is similar to the Smolensk plane crash where video determined to be authentic by experts exists of pilots being shot in the aftermath of the crash while no bodies of passengers can be seen.

Smolensk victim’s relatives were later given body parts which they said they could prove did not belong to their loved ones.


It looks like the elite have used the same trick of switching out the planes and faking a crash.

Just as American architects and engineers for 9/11 truth have complied scientific evidence that the Twin Towers could not have collapsed from the impact of planes, so Polish scientists have complied evidence showing that the TU 154 could not have crashed at Smolensk because of an impact with a birch tree as the official narrative claims.




In addition, the rubble of the MH17 as shown by the mainstream media is not consistent with a missile strike as Alles Schall und Rauch points out.


Jim Stone has good coverage on the question of these dead bodies.


Aside from the mysterious deaths of Glenn Thomas and key AIDS researchers, Infowars will not report that the Pentagon partnered with Tekmira to fund clinical Ebola trials on healthy adults just before the outbreak occurred.

They will not report WHO and CDC documents showing that most of the Ebola outbreaks so far have occurred in hospitals.

The elite s new phase of biological warfare using Ebola is the biggest story on the planet today. But Infowars ignores it – just as it ignored the Baxter contamination scandal in 2009 until it became such a big topic so big on the social media that decided to roll the wave and direct it into a false flag inquiry at the Council of Europe under Wolfgang Wodarg and Paul Flynn.

Five years later, the elite know they have no such option if their Ebola outbreak goes wrong. The world will not buy another fake inquiry and white wash because the alternative media has been exposed to be the second line of defence of lies of the elite.. The victims of the swine flu jab are demanding compensation and questions will have to be answered about the 2009 pandemic campaign as well as Ebola.

Aware they have lost control of the brainwashing capacities of alternative media, the elite appear to have decided to go for the jugular this time.

I suggest that Glenn Thomas the other AIDS delegates were assassinated to prevent them from spreading information — verbally so that Google and the NSA could not monitor it — at the Melbourne conference and rallying resistance among scientists.

Initial reports also stated that 108 AIDS researchers had died in the MH17 plane crash. That number is the difference between the media’s initial number of victims at 295 and the Malaysian airlines actual number of 188.


The discrepancy might or might not be a covert warning to scientists that the elite has a long death list. I don’t know.

Looking at all the evidence, the death of Glenn Thomas and AIDS researchers may well be an attempt to intimidate  and send a message to elements of the WHO and government and scientists to toe the line just as the death of half the Polish government at Smolensk in 2009 sent a message to governments.

Its time for the scientific community to flex their muscles. Science can expose the lies of te elite, defend the truth and resist evil.


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