Official Ebola figures are inflated

Posts on the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation facebook site note the official Ebola figures don’t add up.

Ibrahim Fofana Umaru writes on July 28th “the 500 confirmed should include those that are dead (167) + survivors (129) + those in treatment (70). However adding these numbers yields 366. My question is what happened to the 500 – 366= 134”

Abigail Finda Fillie writes ” Am abit confusued. If we have 82 admitted on the 26th and 30 on the 27th, then that difference of 52 should be reflected on the survivors and death cases. but we have 2 added to the 116 survivors and 4 added to the 153 confirmed deaths. pls enlighten me on the computation.”

Eric Jan Bergsma writes on July 26th  “I have a question, 450 confirmed Ebola cases minus 116 survivors, 152 deaths,73 in treatment centers leaves us short of 109 cases. Could you explain the difference for us?”

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