WHO exploits Sawyer’s death to trace people on the flight

WHO is exploting the death of Patrick Sawyer to trace people on his flight even though the CDC has admitted Ebola is passed through bodily secretions.

The number of people who could have come into contact with Sawyer’s diarrhea of vomit on the plane is very small, if anyone at all, assuming he went to the bathroom.

“WHO is sending teams to both Nigeria and Togo to do follow-up work in relation to contact tracing, in particular to contacts he may have had on board the flight,” spokesman Paul Garwood said.


We are being conditioned to accept a situation whereby WHO and CDC officials — escorted by police and military —  come to our doors and march us off into quarantine just because we (allegedly) sat on a plane/train or passed someone in the street who allegedly died from Ebola.

Meanwhile, Stephen Monroe from the CDC made it clear in a press conference on Monday that Ebola can be spread only “through direct contact with the blood, secretions, or other body fluids of ill people, and indirect contact – for example with needles and other things that may be contaminated with these fluids. 

Monroe admitted that the possibility of a traveller getting Ebola and returing to the US while sick was “very remote.”


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