*CDC violates biosecurity level 4 regulations in transporting and handling Dr Kent Brantly

*CDC director Thomas Frieden should be fired

*Unnecessary danger to US public

Fresh from congressional hearings on CDC biosafety lapses, CDC director Dr Thomas Frieden has decided to handle the first ever Ebola patient in the USA without applying the safety precautions required by biosafety regulations in outrageous disregard for the American public.

Frieden must know about the strict biosafety level 4 regulations applying to Ebola patients like Dr Kent Brantly because Frieden just gave testimony on these very regulations to Congress in relation to the CDC anthrax scare.


Yet in the transit and hospitalization in Atlanta of Dr Kent Brantly, Frieden has allowed biosafety level 4 requirements for handling a patient suffering from Ebola to be flouted.

According to the risk classification database of  American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), Ebola is the highest category of dangerous disease which has to be handled using biosafety level 4 precautions.



The CDC/NIH Guidelines (1999) “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” 4th Edition, 1999, says Ebola is aBiosafety Level 4 (BSL 4) disease, that is a “dangerous and exotic agents which pose a high individual risk of aerosol-transmitted laboratory infections and life-threatening disease.”

Ebola is classified by the CDC as a Category A Bioterrorism Agent


It is also on the Select Agent and Toxins list and so subject to especially strict government regulations.




That means, Ebola patient Brantly must be transported in special facilities and treated in a maximum containment facility, a biosafety level 4 facility designed for work with Risk Group 4 microorganisms and with special security features.

These features include the isolation of the laboratory from environment and general traffic, a room sealable for decontamination, inward airflow, controlled ventilating system, HEPA filtered air exhaust, double-door entry, airlock, airlock with shower, effluent treatment, autoclave on site and in laboratory room, double ended, biological safety cabinets etc etc

These measures have been put in place in the hospital in Germany which is set to receive treat Ebola patients.



Patients in the University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf are to be kept in an hermetically sealed special isolation unit, according to Dr Stefan Schmiedel. No gas, no liquid, no particles will be able to penetrate outside. There is a three-stage airlock system to prevent any air with any Ebola particles getting outside to the public. The medical personnel wear the special biosafety level 4 suits with their own breathing system and positive pressure. These suits will be burned at the end of every visit by a nurse or doctor to the patient. Special measures are also in place to sterilize everything inside the room, every spoon, cut and plate used by the patient.

Compare this to the farcical measures in place in the Emory University Hospital – measures which probably would not even meet biosafety level 1 requirements.


In one of his many media appearance to reassure a (rightly) worried public, Dr Frieden,, told NBC’s Meet the Press talk show it was encouraging to see Dr Kent Brantly walk out of an ambulance unassisted when he arrived at Atlanta’s Emory University hospital on Saturday.

It isn’t encouraging to see Brantly walking around in a Hazmat suit.

It is, in fact,  shocking to see Brantly without the with air-supplied, positive pressure, personnel suit with helmet mandated by biosecurity level 4 regulations to prevent the Ebola virus spreading through the air to infect others around, including the many police, ordered to stand on guard for propaganda effect.


It is shocking to see him transported in ordinary ambulance from Dobbins to the hospital.

Brantly is seen walking to the hospital and not being stretchered or wheeled in in an isolator.

Pictures show an exercise by the Aeromedical isolation team where a patient with a highly virulent diseases is transported in an isolator.


What is the point running exercises like these if the procedures are not implemented when the first Ebola patient arrives amid so much hype in the USA in 2014 and the patient walks in a hazmat suit to the hospital?

It is shocking to see Brantly walk into a hospital to what appears to be an ordinary hospital room from pictures in the Daily Mail – and not into an hermetically sealed isolated laboratory in separate building or part of a building as biosecurity level 4 regulations require.


In Kenema, doctors and nurses went on strike because Ebola patients were kept in the Lassa fever ward inside the hospital grounds and so infected medical personnel.


At least the Lassa fever ward was in a separate building in the Kenema hospital. In Emory University hospital, the so called special unit is on the ground floor of the main building in the general practice research centre.

It is shocking to read Brantly’s wife visited with him from behind a glass wall for about 45 minutes.


You really have to wonder about the Brantly’s humour in going along with this theatre.

Dr Bruce Ribner, Infectious diseases doctor at Emory, said Brantly’s  unit will be fitted with plate glass windows. [Yes, windows (plural)]


Ebola viruses are not especially hard to kill, he said.

“Any standard disinfectant will be more than capable of inactivating Ebola,” he said.


Biosafety regulations are not determined by how easy the virus is to kill but how likely the virus is to kill.

Ribner said that Brantly’s bodily waste will be flushed into the public sewege system.

Even biosecurity level 2 procedures mandate that solid waste must be placed in a special container and taken to a special waste disposal unit, where it usually incinerated by a medical waste disposal contractor. Tracking forms have to be filled out. Biosecutiry level 4 biohazard waste management is even stricter.


Asked if enough precautions had been taken, the media reports Freiden said: “He’s an American citizen, and what our role is in public health is to make sure that if an American is coming home with an infectious disease we protect so it doesn’t spread. That was what we did in transit and at the hospital.”

It time to fire Frieden because this is potentially the most dangerous ever biosecurity lapse on US soil in history.

We are not talking about an “insufficient culture of safety” as in the CDC anthrax scare because the regulations are not being applied in the first place.

Frieden’s non adherence to the biosafetly level 4 regulations is deliberate, systematic and intentional and it exposes the American public to unnecessary risk. Frieden should be fired.

Frieden’s lapses are set to fuel the Ebola hysteria propaganda of the mainstream media and fake alternative media like Infowars.


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