December 31, 2014







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December 31, 2014

Every good luck for 2015!

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…Apply your whole effort to the intellect.

St Maximos

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December 31, 2014

*UK Ebola nurse allowed to catch flight to Glasgow in spite of Ebola symptoms

*Asked to be tested seven times but still sent on her way

*Doctor accuses governments of risking public health by “totally inadequate” to screening measures at Heathrow airport

*Governments hypes Ebola threat in prepared for mass vaccination campaign

*Cafferkey given poor survival prognosis, told proven blood transfusion treatments might not work for her: will proven medical treatment be withheld from her to fuel Ebola fear mongering fifth and promote mass Ebola vaccination campaign?

*Ebola death in the UK would be welcome boost to GlaxoSmithKline, producer of untested Ebola jab


A UK nurse being treated for Ebola after returning from Sierra Leone was allowed to leave Heathrow airport after showing symptoms of the disease, health officials have admitted.

Nurse Pauline Cafferkey complained of a high temperature an hour after leaving a screening area and asked to be tested for Ebola seven times.

In spite of the fact she belonged to a category at high risk of contracting Ebola as a nurse who had had direct contact with Ebola patients, and had a high temperature, considered a classic symptom of the disease, and also asked to be tested seven times, she was allowed to catch a flight to Glasgow.

She is currently being treated in the isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London, where she is taking an anti-viral drug and is being transfused with blood plasma from a European Ebola survivor.

Although convalescent blood transfusion has a proven and excellent record, Dr Michael Jacobs told Cafferkey ‘we cannot be as confident as we would like’ about her survival and she is entering a ‘crucial few days’ where her condition ‘may get worse’. it’s

An Ebola death in the UK hyped by the media would certainly be a welcome boost for GlaxoSmithKline currently producing large quantities of an untested Ebola vaccine as well as the UK government seeking to implement martial law measures.

Cafferkey was one of 30 NHS volunteers to fly from Sierra Leone to Heathrow airport via Casablanca in Morocco before she flew on to Glasgow to stay in a Highland youth hostel.

In a case which has eery echoes of US nurse Nina Phama, UK health officials have admitted they should have been “more precautionary” after Cafferkey was allowed to catch a flight in spite of complaining of having one of the main symptoms of Ebola.

Dr Martin Deahl, who sat next to Cafferkey on the flight from Sierra Leone, told the Guardian that the health of the UK public was being put at risk by “totally inadequate” screening protocols at Heathrow airport.

The NHS doctor also criticised government guidance as ” illogical”. Inconsistent government guidlines allow health workers who have had direct contact with Ebola victims to travel home on public transport once from a UK airport, while telling them not to catch buses, trains or planes or enter crowded places once they are at home.

“The ridiculous thing about this is the advice says once we are home we shouldn’t use public transport or go into crowded places, or if we do it should just be for short journeys of less than an hour, and yet they were quite happy to let us go home from UK airports on the Underground, [or] on flights to Glasgow, which just makes a complete mockery of the quarantine arrangements,” said Deahl.

The lax UK government protocols are out of step with measures introduced in the USA after inadequate airport screening and quarantine protocols were identified as risking the public health of Americans.

UK government guidance is also out of step with tough measures introduced by Nigeria and Senegal to beat the Ebola disease.

Given the UK government policy of encouraging large numbers of NHS medical personnel to go to work in Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone for short periods of time, it might be expected that the UK government had followed the example of the USA, Senegal and Nigeria and put in place adequate measures to protect the UK public from the exposure to Ebola.

The diagnosis of the first case of Ebola in the UK has, however, given the government a welcome excuse to fear monger and push a mass Ebola vaccination agenda.

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said: “The risk of the general public in this country catching Ebola remains very low. However, we still estimate that there could be a handful of cases in this country over the coming months.

Professor Sally Davies was appointed to the highest medical post in the UK in 2010 after the swine flu mass vaccination scandal.

Dame Sally Davies received the female equivalent of the honour of knighthood in the British honours system – a rank also attained by Glaxo SmithKline head Andrew Whitty and paedophile Jimmy Saville — in yet more evidence that the royals and UK government are misusing the honours system to turn minions who aid and abet them in their crimes into “untouchables” above the law.

How long will this abuse be allowed, I wonder.

The Ebola diagnosis and poor prognosis for survival comes as Glaxo SmithKline prepares to dump vast quantities of inadequately tested Ebola vaccines on the UK and the world.

In addition, Ebola scaremongering allows the World Health Organization and UK government to justify continuing to classify Ebola as an International Health Emergency, thereby allowing them potentially to implement massive restrictions to civil rights in the UK and the rest of the world.

Forced vaccination and quarantine will surely be welcome to the UK government embroiled massive paedophile scandals and coverups.

While the UK government has been incredibly efficient in stopping investigations into paedophile rape and murder rings involving MPs, cabinet ministers and Peers, that same government cannot, it seems, implement simple, straightforward, standard Ebola screening protocols at airports in spite of almost a year’s notice.

The UK government is capable of great tenacity in trying to sabotage inquiries into the Westminster paedophile ring, prompting accusations that the current government is also full of paedophiles, else there would be no motive for a cover up.

But the UK governments tenacity does not reach to informing even all eight passengers who sat closest to Cafferkey on her flight from Heathrow to Glasgow airport on Sunday. Just messages were left for three.

69 of 203 people on flights with Miss Cafferkey are still yet to be spoken to.


A final prayer on leaving Patmos

December 14, 2014

Lord, I would like to thank you that I was able to make a journey to Patmos island where John, the Evangelist, observed the wonder of Your glory and power and discovered the reality of Your love and presence in all of human history – in the past, the present and in the future, and in all parts of the world.
You, Lord Jesus Christ, use trials and tests to scrape away the layers of our egos and reveal the hidden secrets of our innermost selves. Journeys, dangers and separation become paths to find You.
John the Evangelist travelled far and wide to preach your Gospel, only to find himself exiled to Patmos by a Roman emperor who claimed to be god and who demanded to be worshipped. And yet in this unlikely place, in an island of little significance in ancient times, John met You.
You revealed to him that whatever human beings may do, You know it in advance. Each person’s journey is known to you just as the movement of the sun and stars are known to You in advance. You created the sun and stars and set them in their orbits. You created us with only one purpose to get to know you. We are oblivious of our own journey and movement and constantly surprised by twists and turns in our forgetfulness and ignorance. But you can see all things from the beginning to the end. You want the best for us. The best is not money, power or fame. The best is to go to our eternal and real home.

I pray, Lord Jesus Christ, that we, collective humanity, may open our eyes to Your reality. Amen.


December 14, 2014

I would like to share with you an experience I had approaching Patmos on the ferry late at night, an experience which was later confirmed by others. So, there is some empirical evidence for it being more than a fancy.
As the ferry left Athens, I looked and watched the visible shimmering lights om the faraway shore receding into the night. But as the ferry pushed on through the stormy night, I felt an invisible shimmering light drawing me onwards to Patmos. I felt an incredibly, powerful light shining ahead, dispersing the darkness of the seas, which were tossed by strong winds throughout the night. It was brightlike a lighthouse lamp, but it was not an earthly light. It was more like light from a gateway to the beyond. So bright, it was possible to see everything.
And yet the sea and sky around were jet black. The ferry left Athens after 7 pm in the evening and arrived in Patmos after 3 am in the morning.
When I saw this light in the middle of the dark, stormy sea, I was instantly reminded of the story of Jesus Christ walking on the waters of the Sea of Galilee, approaching the disciples, calming the storm. I felt with a certainty I could not account for that Jesus Christ himself was walking as light on the stormy seas towards the ferry.
Usually I would have filed an experience like that away, dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. After all, there are times we do just imagine the craziest things. But the impression of approaching a spiritual light that shone like a beacon from Patmos was so strong, I mentioned it to one of the locals during a discussion about the financial system. We were having a pretty factual discussion and he was a pretty factual kind of man who was not sure if he believed in God or not. When he heard my story, he said to me in a very matter of fact wat that many people who came to the island had told him that they had had exactly the same experience as I had told him about. I was amazed. Isn t that a kind of proof? When many people who don t know each other or of each other s experience say they felt an incredible energy and light approaching the island, isn t that proof that there is some objective reality behind this experience?
How many of the people like me would never usually have dared mention the experience to a stranger but only did so because it was so real, so strong?
I made a lot of notes on Patmos and I might write about my trip to the island more later.
This trip to Patmos has ended. I am catching the next ferry back to Athens, also a magical place, but I plan to come again.

A few thoughts on what I learned on Patmos

December 14, 2014

There is a danger when you come to a place like Patmos like me, as a tourist, albeit one burdened by almost six years now of battling Globalist plans for mass Ebola vaccination, of forgetting that evil is real. Read the rest of this entry »

More pictures of Patmos

December 14, 2014

A few more pictures of the Cave of the Apocalypse.

WIN_20141214_105201WIN_20141214_104847 WIN_20141214_130527 (2)WIN_20141214_130609

And some pictures of Patmos main port, Skala