Arrival in Patmos: a journey to heaven

Yesterday in Athens in pouring rain I handed out more leaflets about the need to switch from money created by private bank to money created by the state. I also left a leaflet in the Athinaikon, surely the best restaurant.

And today, I handed out my very last leaflet in Patmos. Spent several hours discussing the financial system and God with locals, which is why there is no blog post. Just a few pictures from an absolutely stunning island. The place is  like heaven which I didn’t expect. The cave of the Apocalypse has an awesome, sweet, powerful atmosphere. More tomorrow.

Leaving Athens at night: the view from the ferry.


Map of the journey from Athens to Patmos.

Screenshot (178)

Patmos. The cave of the Apocalypse.



The Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian


Views of the island from the road.


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