Controlled opposition: Tsipras pledges to remain in Euro, to raise taxes to pay bankers

*Tsipras to raise taxes to pay bankers, debt deflation will deepen, impoverishment of all Greeks  now preprogrammed

*Pledges to stay in eurozone, blocks Icelandic escape route of default and Drachma

*To visit Bilderberger and Austrian Chancellor Faynmann tomorrow for private discussions: Austrian model of the Gestapo police state planned when social unrest erupts?

Newly minted Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has pledged in his first major policy speech to parliament today to raise taxes in a bid to shake down the the last euros from the pockets of the Greeks in order to pay the banksters.

Higher taxes in the middle of debt deflation, which is caused by vast transfers of money to pay interest to banks on a gigantic fractional reserve banking debt as well as by an overvalued currency, will make the debt deflationary cycle worse. It will drain the last drops of liquidity from the economy. The long term effect will be a significant contraction of the economy, more unemployment, more debt, more misery and massive social unrest.

Using the familiar Globalist tactic of divide and rule, and apparently trying to set the majority of totally impoverished Greeks at the throats of the minority of almost impoverished Greeks, Tsipras suggested that higher taxes on the better off will end austerity.

They won t. Greek debt is unstainable. It doesn t matter how high the taxes, how many reforms are made of the public sector, how many jobs are cut, the Greeks can never pay off their debt or even the interest on their debt, which is why it keeps growing. Since the banksters will not write off the debt,  austerity will continue. The privatisation programme will  resume and the last state assets will be sold off.

When the desperate Greeks find out they have been conned by an actor, that all the rhetoric about no more talks with the Troika won t put food on the table and that Tsipras has sold them into debt slavery, civil unrest will occurr.

A civil war between classes will be welcome to the bankers. It will serve to divert people from the real solution, which is to switch to government issued currency, implement the Chicago Plan Revisted and introduce the Drachma as a regional or national currency to make Greek products competitive again.

Last Monday, Tsipras pledged to keep Greece in the collapsing euro project, closing the door on the only avenue of escape which is a return to government issued Drachma.

The Greeks will now be left with an overvalued currency which has destroyed Greek exports and led to unemployment rates worse than in some North African states, according to finance expert Dirk Mueller.

After the ECB announced a trillion euro programme of quantitiative easing, the eurozone is also set for massive inflation which will further impoverish people.

Perhaps getting ready for the social unrest which will erupt when Greeks realize they have been tricked, Tsipras is set to visit Bilderberger and Austrian Chancellor Werner Faynmann tommorrow in Vienna for private discussions. Tsipras can get a few tips on how the Gestapo police state functions and some underhand ways of eliminating critics from the wiley old Bilderberg fox.

As for Tspiras stated interest in the Austrian model of youth employment, Faynmann can telll Tsipras a thing or two about the employment Natascha Kampusch was put to as girl.

Only joking, Alexis! You are such an honourable man, making promises to the Greek people to get elected and then betraying them once you are in power! Who would ever think you would resort to the police state to bludgeon people into submission when they realize things are getting worse not better and there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

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