Germany’s Anonymous has asked how Handelsblatt newspaper was able to print a report on the Germanwings Airbus crash just eight minutes after it happened according to the official narrative.

Anonymous’ focus on the media comes after it emerged that there were six nuclear reactors within two minutes flight time of the Germanwings Airbus. An analysis of flight data by Anonymous indicates the plane was heading straight for Europe s largest dam.

Anonymous notes French prosecutors claimed the time of the crash was 10.41 am. Yet, a Reuters report on the crash was translated into German and printed in the Handelsblatt at 10.49 am, just eight minutes later. The impossibly short time lapse confirms the notion of prior knowledge of a plot and the prior preparation of an alibi.

As someone who has reported for mainstream media, I know from expereience it is not possible to organize a press conference and print a report in eight minutes. A report is not the same as a ticker service by newswires like Dow Jones or AP.

For example, a report I helped co write for the Guardian on Joerg Haider in 2002 took almost one day taking into consideration things like travel.

Another hastily convened press conference I attended for The Guardian and Observer on the poisoning of Victor Yuschenko took about an hour because of the delay in starting the conference, questions and so on. Even though I relayed the information immediately afterwards to Guardian journalist Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow, his report took several more hours to appear online. Every report has to be not just writen, but then sent to at last one sub editor for facts to be checked and its conformity to laws (laws on defamation etc) to be assessed.

A report for the Financial Times used to have to undergo three layers of sub editing, and probably still does.

While Handelsblatt s report on the Germanwings crash appeared after the official time of the crash, other media actually reported before. Focus reported on the Germanwings crash five days beforehand and Die Welt two days beforehand.

This is the same as BBC reporter Jane Standley reporting on the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened. The tower is visible standing behind her as she reports it has collapsed.

Architects and Engineers for 9 11 Truth have offered unambiguous proof that it is impossible for the Twin Towers and the WTC to have collapsed by fire.

A collective cannot be as easily elimated as an indivuidual as controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko.

Other questions about the Germanwings crash asked by Anonymous are

1) how was French President Francois Hollande able to state that all the crash victims were dead when the search and rescue teams hadn t even reached the crash site?
2) why did Germanwings have no idea where its plane was one hour after the crash?
3) what did the air traffic control tower in Cannes do when the Airbus started to plunge ?
4) did controller contact the the Airbus crew?
5) did the crew answer?
6) how long can a controller wait before informing the French air force?
7) how long did it take for the three French fighter jets observed by witnesses to make visual contact with the Airbus?
8) wh y have the pilots of the three Mirage fighter jets not been questioned by the prosecutors?
9) why has there been no analysis of the black boxes of the Mirage jets?
10) what instructions do French air force pilots have when a plane has made a rapid descent and is heading towards Europe s largest dam, and there are 6 nuclear power plans just two flight minutes away?
11) did radar contact break off because the French fighter jets activated electronic counter measures to block radar signals?

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