The Austrian state prosecutor s office has apparently magicked out of thin air a piece of paper claiming that my case against Professor Lukas Kenner was closed in 2012.

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Readers of my blog will know that I made an application to the European Court of Human Rights in May concerning the fact that I had been unable to obtain the domestic file number of the case, which the police had lodged with the courts in relation to an attempt by an Austrian government official, Professor Lukas Kenner, to incarcerate and committ me in 2010 under the pretext I was mentally ill.

After all, if Lukas Kenner had believed there was probable cause for thinking I was mentally ill, he could have used the lawful avenues. The very fact that he used the unlawful avenue of approaching a pyschiatrist who had never met me is proof that he knew I was sane. I have argued that the attempt was politically motivated and my unlawful arrest and detention was menat to suppress my right to freedom of speech and press and my legitimate criticism of the government swine flu vaccine campaign.

Maybe the European Court has taken action already on my case because all of a sudden a fax has come of the blue from the state prosecutors office claiming the case was closed in 2012, and for the first time ever, I have a file number albeit printed in the faintest of inks in the top right hand corner.

There is one problem. I never knew the case was opened and I certainly never knew it was closed in 2012. I knew nothing whatsoever about the case in spite of repeated requests for information. In effect, I was denied my right to due process because I could not make an appeal on the closure of the case.

In addtion, the fax states Kenner was not found guilty of violating paragraph 288 of Stgb, which is making false statements. My charges against him are, however, far more substantial than that, see the paragraph above for a snippet. The fact that the state prosecutor chose to make  false statements the focus of his investigation actually prevented the lawful process of the administration of justice in as far as it meant the prosecutor must have wilfully ignored the evidence of the far more serious crime of trying to deprive me of my civil liberty without due process under the pretext of mental illness when I was performing a public watchdog function as a journalist on the internet.

Furthermore, an unusually long period of time has elapsed since my lawyer inquired about the file number on April 30th and the receipt of this fax. This period  of about forty days would allow the state prosecutors plenty of time to tamper with the court documents.
I contend that this investigation never took place. That is why I never could obtain a file number and that is why I received no notification it had ended. I conend this investigation has been retrospectively invented and closed to simulate the appearance of a proper investigation and due process. I also  note that the file was closed on virtually the same day as I left Vienna in 2012  precisely because I feared the non prosecution of Kenner and  Judge Michaela Lauer, responsible for trying to misuse a court guardianship to confine me, exposed me to repetitions.
I note that I filled out  the appropriate records at the local registration centre or Meldeamt confirming the date I left Vienna. I contend that the date for closing the case was chosen retrospectively by the state prosecutor  after checking my registration records or Meldezettel in order to have a pretext for not giving me the notification the case had closed. In fact, I should have received all my post whether I left Vienna or not.  I placed a contract with my the local post office to send my post to a forwarding address.
I also note that the state prosecutor who has the file, Linda Redl, told me on the phone today that she has only had the file since 1 March  2015. She said that this her first day at work for the state prosecutor s office. She refused or was unable to tell me the history of the file  or which state prosecutor had it before her. The assignment of my case to a young and inexperienced state prosecutor on her face day of work would give ample opportunities to tamper with the file s history and falsify court records to suggest an investigation took place which never did take place now that the case is coming under public scrutiny.
Anyway, one more faxt to send to the European Court.

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