September 30, 2015

Russian has begun airstrikes in Syria, according to media. If true, this brings the world closer to nuclear WW3 since NATO’s aggressive military expansion towards Russia.

After the UN summit, it seems every country except Saudi Arabia has now agreed, in theory, to fight ISIL. But since ISIL is a US funded terror group primed to effect a regime change, who knows what that fight is going to look like in practice?

Russia has told the US military to leave Syria, and the US military has refused, according to mainstream US media, setting the stage for a direct confrontation.

Alex Jones is part of the controlled alternative media, but he is right in saying the Globalists, whose names are pretty well publicized, don’t know what they are doing any more (if they ever did know).

They have literally lost the plot, lost control of their numerous plots and subplots, and counterplots, of financial crises,  Deutsche and other bank collapses, military confrontations, pandemic false flags, regime changes, covert terrorist funding and, now, gigantic flows of migrants, whatever…

We are now all living on the edge of chaos. In this situation, I would just like to say a prayer to God.

Help us, dear God, to learn the lessons we need to learn and to get through these uncertain times so that humanity can flourish again. Amen.

A modest proposal for re-directing the flows of migrants to the UK

September 30, 2015

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has said the decision about whether migrants can enter Germany will be made at its borders in a bid to stem the chaos caused by the arrival of a record numbers of refugees.

His move comes amid reports of a gigantic exodus from Afghanistan after authorities there changed rules on passports.  I have a modest proposal to make on how Europe should deal with this influx.

Billionaire George Soros in a recent piece in Project Syndicate stressed the importance of allowing migrants to choose where they go. Excellent idea! That is  why I propose to redirect the flow of migrants from Europe to the UK using information, which allows for a truly  informed choice.

The EU should ensure that the migrants who are now walking from Afghanistan to Turkey are immediately given leaflets, booklets and other information about the generous benefit system and work opportunities in the UK. The UK is their dream destination! After years of occupation under the UK and US army, it is the natural place for them to go.

It can be explained to the migrants using Twitter and Social Media that the UK health service is so full of legal loopholes that non UK residents can get their health care paid for by the NHS after being in the UK for only one day.

A child born in the UK can get British citizenship allowing the whole family to stay.

At the same time, paid refugees acting as agents can move among the migrants warning them against Germany and France, telling them how terrible the authorities are etc and spreading all kinds of rumors, in short, using the same kind of tactics as MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ do as part of their pyschological operations.

Facebook, Twitter and Social Media can be also used to put the message across that the UK is the dream destination for migrants with its open, tolerant culture, English language and booming economy.

Detailed maps can be distributed showing the migrants where ships are waiting in Turkish ports to take them to England for free. On arrival at these ports, they can be asked by EU officials o fill out a form, asking: What country do you want to go to? England, Wales or Scotland?

Once the migrants have ticked either England, Wales or Scotland, they can be given free and spedy passage on a comfortable EU funded ship and disembarked at ports in the UK or on open sea, allowing the UK coastguard and navy the opportunity to show their skill.

When the towns and villages of southern England are overrun with hundreds of thousands or even millions of desperate, hungry refugees as Greek islands are currently overrun, MPs might start asking some serious questions in the Commons about where all these people are suddenly coming from, but apparently not before then.

If the Europeans really want to scare the UK, they can invite MSF doctors on board their ships to treat the refugees en route to the UK with illegal pyschotropic drugs and vaccines (which, however, could soon be administered perfectly legally once ships are inside UK waters if the Saatchi Bill becomes law).

Booklets can also explain to Afghanistani s that the best place to live and work is Witney, the Oxford constituency of David Cameron himself. Maps can show best overland routes from the coast to Witney.


It can be explained that democracy in the UK means that the Prime Minister talks to the common people, and the best way to get their case heard is to camp outside his house in Witney, and seek a personal conversation with him. Also, they can be given the tip that jobs are given in the UK through an old boys network or by knowing the right people, and the best person to know personally is Cameron.

Other places of interest to be marked on maps for migrants seeking to settle in the UK could be the constituencies of George Osborne and Boris Johnson and, of course, there are the homes of Nat Rothschild and philanthropists like George Soros himself.

And what about Buckingham Palace with its famous garden parties with airy tents and free cucumber sandwiches for the migrants? The Queen is, after all, so very committed to good foreign relations!

Now just a tiny fraction of the immigrants will have to make it to Buckinghman Palace or Witney for David Cameron to be out of a job.

Faced with a riot among his constituents over the vast numbers of migrants overrunning the picturesque village,  UK Prime Minister David Cameron, puppet of the Globalists, will soon stop the whole game. Nothing else will stop this cruel game aimed at destabilizing Europe.

Europe really  has to get serious about how to redirect the flow of migrants to the UK or some other destination. Information is a non violent and effective method. The UK really is a good place for Afghanistani migrants. They will be looked after. The UK has a colonial past to think about. To maltreat the migrants would be a public relations disaster. The cost of transporting the migrants to the UK will be small compared to the coast of keeping them in Europe.


September 30, 2015

Lord Maurice Saatchi its trying to use a standing order to limit parliamentary scrutiny of his new drugs bill and rush it into law, it has emerged.

“Not only has [the bill] been resurrected in this Parliament, with exactly the same wording that met with overwhelming condemnation from medical, patient protection and research experts in the last Parliament, but Saatchi has proposed a motion to suspend Standing Order 46, bypassing any further Lords scrutiny. If this passes on 30 November 2015, the Bill will be rushed through all stages in the Lords in one day,” reports the Stop the Saactchi Bill team.

A comparison of Chris Heaton-Harris’ new Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill side by side with the Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill shows they are the same bill.

The Stop the Saactchi Bill team also note there are no provisions for a proper registration of so called innovative treatments.

“Although much heralded, it was obvious to anyone who actually read Saatchi’s Bill that it did not set up a register of treatments. The new Bill talks about a database, but as with Saatchi’s it does not, by itself, set up any register either,” reports the Stop the Saactchi Bill team.

The bill, therefore, opens the way for dangerous and uncontrolled experimentation on the UK population.

For example, experimental Ebola, Mers or other vaccines or drugs, which have not obtained any regulatory approval, could start be administered to people in the UK without any requirement for registration, and with absolutely no oversight by authorities, under the terms of the bill.

These vaccines could hypothetically start causing Ebola or Mers outbreaks, and yet the victims would have no means of redress or compensation under the bill.

This bill has nothing to do with innovation. All it does is dismantle all the safeguards which have been put in place to protect patients since World War Two when Nazi doctors like Josef Mengele conducted dangerous experiments, also with vaccinations, on victims in concentration camps with total impunity.


September 29, 2015

I have just written an Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, sent to all German MPs and MEPs, asking Merkel to show support for my case in Greece. Press freedom is under grave threat, and it is time for politicians to show solidarity with journalists like myself who risk life and limb to give accurate information and expose scandals. My case is also a test case to see whether the government of Alexis Tsipras is really serious about ending corruption and making the justice system more efficient.


Secret diplomatic cable reveals Tsipras and Varoufakis are puppets of Washington

September 29, 2015

A secret diplomat cable has revealed that the USA played a much bigger role in the third bailout deal than previously known.

A cable from July 16th seen by Kathimerini show how Washington micromanaged the Greek government negotiations on the third bailout deal.

The cable underlies that Tsipras and former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis are just proxies for the US government, implementing US government policy to the letter, and that their claim to be fighting in the interest of the Greek people are mere theatre.

A secret telegram sent to the Greek government on July 16 by Greece’s ambassador to the U.S., Christos Panagopoulos, reveals how Washington advised Tsipras to create a broad alliance against Germany, which was favouring the reintroduction of the Drachma, with countries such as the U.K., France, Italy and Austria and to reduce his verbal attacks against Germany to seal a third bailout deal.

US efforts apparently had success in influencing the position of France, Italy and Austria.

According to Bild newspaper,  Panagopoulos said he was very pleased with the close cooperation between the governments of Obama and Tsipras, the White House, the State Department and the National Security Council as well as with defense and secret services.

The ambassador says he met regularly with high ranking members of the US Finance Ministry, who leaked private conversations between the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble und the US Finance Minister Jack Lew.

It emerges that the target of US anger is Schauble who wants a hard euro (without apparently understanding that this is impossible without the switch from the inherently inflationary nature of the private creation of money to sovereign money.

Panagopoulos also noted that there was frequent and extensive contact between officials from the US Treasury and the State Department and Athens.

Varoufakis met Obama in the middle of April in Washington, reports Bild.

Obama had regular telephone calls with Tsipras, Lew even more often with Varoufakis.

Varoufakis and Tsipras were advised by a network of US investment bankers and top US economists.

A private company controlled by a US investment fund is responsible for every aspect of the Greek elections, it has emerged. It is not clear what controls if any are in place to check on that the results announced by SingularLogic are accurate.

Bild stilizes the pact between Greece and the USA as an anti German conspiracy. It would be accurate to say that they are too separate blocs in the struggle between the private bankers and productive industry, who are being destroyed by our system of the private creation of money.


September 29, 2015

On September 26th, Billionaire George Soros published a proposal for dealing with the migrant crisis, whose opening paragraphs bear a remarkable resemblance in terms of content to my post on the same subject a day earlier.

It is not only his analysis of the problem which overlaps, at least in parts,  with my own, but even his language. He even uses an exact matching verbatim text of five words in a crucial passage cited as a fourth paragraph in an Infowars article to describe how refugees should be transported, namely “in a safe and orderly” way.


“The EU needs a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis, one that reasserts effective governance over the flows of asylum-seekers so that they take place in a safe, orderly way, and at a pace that reflects Europe’s capacity to absorb them. To be comprehensive, the plan has to extend beyond the borders of Europe,” Soros writes in Project Syndicate in the second paragraph.


Exactly that phrase crops up in my own text, and in exactly the same context of transporting migrants.

“As soon as these camps are set up, Northern European countries could transport their refugees to these camps in a safe and orderly manner,” I wrote in my post.


“In a safe and orderly” is a exact verbatim text of five words matching, and the sixth word is a close match ie “way” or “manner.”

In my post written just one day before his, I argued camps have to be set out in the Middle East. So, does Soros, and for the same sorts of reasons.

“To be comprehensive, the plan has to extend beyond the borders of Europe. It is less disruptive and much less expensive to maintain potential asylum-seekers in or close to their present location,” he writes.

Since this blog post was written, significant developments have occurred with a new approach to Germany’s policy on Syria to end the conflict, an acceptance by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that Assad can stay in power, and a plan floated by Turkey to build three large camps in Syria with EU funding.

The fact that George Soros seems to not only read by blog but lift ideas from it could be signficant for my court case in Greece.

Readers of my blog will know that Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou made what was a defacto premeditated murder attempt on my life in April while I was staying in a monastery in Greece and blogging about the Ebola scam, specifically about the evidence that George Soros was involved in that scam.

The brother of Theodekti Vallianatou is Grigoris Vallianatos, a maninstream journalist, politician and a former advisor of Prime Minister George Papandreou, according to German media.

It is also, so I was told by Theodekti Vallianatou, a graduate of the London School of Economics.

Soros has links with Papandreou, also a graduate of the LSE and with the LSE itself. He was reported to have been in Greece on numerous occasions in the past year and has established so called “Solidarity Centres.”

Now, it is extremely relevant to my case if there is any direct evidence linking George Soros to my blog such a textual analysis of the pattern of ideas and words in my own and his posts, written just one day apart. It suggests that Soros takes a strong personal interest in blog, that he reads the posts attentively, and even writes on the same themes using the same matching verbatim texts.

Since most of my posts are very critical of him, and propses opposite policies, it is reasonable to assume that the perusal of my blog stirs within him feelings of irritation, anger, fear and the desire to silence a critic. It is reasonable to assume that moved by these emotions, he may seek out ways to turn his desire into actions. Moved to action, he may start a surveillance of the blogger and search through his network for people or ideas on how to silence a blogger, tucked away inside a mountain top monastery in Greece, without attracting public attention. He might ring up political or banker friends in Greece, trying and find contacts to the Abbess.

I hope the police in Greece investigate this aspect of the crime to see if there is any truth in such speculation or not.  Tools of linguistic or textual analysis may provide clarity.


September 28, 2015

Ebola vaccines produced by Merck and GlaxoSmithKline may not get regulatory approval because there is no evidence they work, reports Sciencemag.

As reported on this blog weeks ago, the Ebola vaccine trials were conducted without a control group and with a bizarre study design, which has never been tried before. These details have not escaped the regulators, it seems.

“Researchers stunned the world in July when they announced success with a trial of an Ebola vaccine in Guinea. But the unusual design of the study and the decision to abandon the control group because of strong evidence that the vaccine prevented disease means there may not be enough data to win approval from regulatory agencies with traditional efficacy results,” reports Jon Cohen.

Now, that is a turn up for the books, long suffering readers of this blog. The regulators have actually looked at data and not just browsed the media coverage, claiming the “vaccine is proving to be a life-saving breakthrough, with a stunning 100-per-cent effectiveness rate,” as the Globe and Mail does today.

Success can only be proven by a control group and a study design, which a rational person can understand. Precisely these elements were missing in the Ebola vaccine trials.

The suspicion is warranted that they were missing because the manufacturers of this vaccine knew in advance that the trials would fail if a control group were present and if the study design were straightforward. There have been massaged clinical trial data before, but never before has trial design itself been so massaged, and the regulators seem to have seen through the ruse.

Trial results published online actually list getting Ebola from the vaccines as the biggest adverse reaction. Let’s pause to think about that for a moment. The whole purpose of the vaccines is supposed to be to stop people getting Ebola. Yet, here we have a vaccine which is giving people Ebola, according to its own results section.

Are we, therefore, safe from vast quantities of this Ebola vaccine appearing all around us in the near future given the fact that WHO declared Ebola an epidemic last August, potentially activating mass vaccination plans under which we can be given this stuff by force if it were ever to gain regulatory approval? Unfortunately not.

The UK population can look forward to these Ebola vaccines being handed out like Smarties if the Saatchi Bill or former Medical Innovation Bill is passed after the bill was recently reintroduced into the Commons under a new name. Under the terms of this bill, absolutely no regulatory approval seems to be required for any drug or vaccine to be given in the UK. Lorries filled with Ebola vaccines can merrily drive up and down the country’s highways without any approval whatsoever. A patient can drop dead immediately after receiving the vaccine, but there will be no right to any form of redress.

For those of us outside the UK, there are apparently alternatives to proper regulatory approval requiring some minimum of evidence, however massaged, that a drug or vaccine works at least now and then for some people to an extent.

“Alternative pathways” to gain approval are being sought, it seems, “pathways that do not require as rigorous a level of proof that they work”, reports Jon Cohen, choosing his words carefully as a mainstream media hack.

And for the people of Guinea, there are the snake oil salesmen plying their sordid trade and trying to persuade the naive and gullible to take a vaccine that has been put through a worthless trial.

And now too there are the huge numbers of refugees in Europe being treated by organizations like MSF, banned from the Ukraine for storing illegal pschotropic drugs which increase aggression…Who is regulating their activities?