A picture of the Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou who made a murder attempt against me in April

Below, a picture of Theodekti (Polychronia) Vallianatou, the Abbess of St John the Forerunner in Anatoli, Greece, who attempted to murder me in April as I performed a public watchdog function as a journalist helping to explain to the people of Greece, and, indeed,  the rest of the world, the nature of the Ebola vaccine scam.

Theodekti Vallianatou (centre) has still not been arrested and jailed in spite of the overwhelming evidence of her crime deposited with justice officials in Larissa… It seems she has not even been questioned, although five months have passed since her serious crimes. Yes, she is still apparently in charge of the monastery where the crime occurred, something which could, in retrospect, be a scandal for the Greek Orthodox Church. In other countries like the USA, Theodekti, caught red handed in an act of violence, would have been arrested long ago. But not in Greece, it seems….

Her brother is Grigoris Vallaiantos, a mainstream media journalist, politician and, according to Germany’s media, former advisor of former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. Is there a connection between the murder attempt by Theodekti Vallianatou and her brother? Evidence I presented to the police strongly suggests ther might be,


Now, if Grigoris Vallianatos were in any way involved in the attempt to murder me as my evidence  suggests, that means, very powerful forces in politics in Greece may have an interest in delaying my case… That is why I am now going public. I appeal to the public to help me get justice. I have helped the public with my information, I have risked my life putting out information that threatens powerful interests. And now, I ask the public to help me to obtain justice against a person who made a defacto murder attempt against me, physically assaulted me, tried to confine me illegally and imprison me under false testimony.

My case will be a test to see whether justice functions in Greece. The functioning of government is supposed to be a condition of bailout money.


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