Germany’s media censors foiled Hannover attack

Discussing the false flag attacks in Paris with RT, Gearoid O Colmain says he expects an intensification of attacks against the alternative media and so called “dissidents”, who question the official mainstream media narrative.

The war against truth in Germany has already escalated to a new level.

Less than 48 hours after a potentially catastrophic terrorist attack aimed at killing hundreds of leading German politicians, footballers and the fans was foiled, at the last moment, in Hannover, all mention of it disappeared in the mainstream media.

Germany’s state TV channel, ARD, and mainstream media, dominated by the Axel Springer nd Burda groups, had, by 4 pm this afternoon, already omitted any mention of the Hannover terrorist attack on their online front pages as these screenshots show.


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An ill informed public is easier to manipulate.

Angela Merkel has also been conspicuous in omitting any mention of the foiled false flag terrorist attack in Hannover. That, even though it theoretically,  endangered her life as well as that of some of her colleagues. Amazingly for someone who allegedly had no advance notion of the attack, Merkel has shown no sign of fear or shock or concern or any emotion.

Instead of reporting on the historical terrorist threat in Hannover, Germany’s established media saturated the country today with Paris terrorist attack and Syria war propaganda.

Anti Globalist forces in Germany need urgently to consider creating, and also protecting, a genuinely independent media in my view. The German public needs be given consistently more accurate information, critical analysis, and alternative viewpoints. 

Most of the alternative media, including RT, is also controlled simply because there is no funding for independent sites like mine. Altogether, I might have collected a few hundreds euros in donations in the past five years.  This blog effort is funding by my using up all my own money. Readers come to my blog, take the information, indeed, they endanger my life by taking my information so seriously. But they refuse to take any responsibility for sharing the financial and other costs that I have to bear for putting out that information that serves their interests. But since no one else puts out vital information in the public interest about false flag epidemics, fractional reserve banking and other topics, what choice do I have as a person of conscience except to try and keep going?

Germany politicians need to find a more sustainable model for a free media whereby independent journalists do not risk ending up being either being murdered by the powerful people who do not like their secret plans exposed or ruined.

Readers of my blog will be familiar with the fact that law enforcement in Greece is currently investigating the fourth documented murder attempt against me since 2010. Austrian government officials authored three of them and blocked the subsequent investigation.

In this current case, evidence strongly suggests that I have been the victim of an attempt at a targeted killing by a group of Billionaires, including George Soros, involved in orchestrating the Ebola false flag in West Africa. A textual analysis comparing a post of my own with that of Soros on the migrant crisis reveals that Soros copied extensively from my post, albeit giving his post another political spin.

Tweets by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras show that he picked up my own rare misspelling of the surname of Werner Fay(n)mann during his visit to see Faymann in Vienna in February. Tsipras began to add an extra “n” in tweets, copying my exact misspelling, also strongly suggesting he reads my blog, and was first introduced to it by Faymann.

Since the connection between Soros and Tsipras can be established by these textual analysis, it is plausible, and legitimate to ask, given the evidence, whether Soros and Tsipras may have activated their networks to approach the Abbess Theodekti Polychronia Vallianatou in the Greek Orthodox monastery where I was staying to carry out the latest murder attempt in April.

The brother of Polychronia Vallianatou is mainstream journalist Grigoris Vallianatos, a former advisor of Prime Minister George Papandreou, according to the German media, and a graduate, according to Theodekti, of LSE like Soros, Papandreou and Maurice Saatchi, author of the Medical Innovation Bill, which I have also been campaigning against.

To conclude, the independent media needs help and protection in Europe if it is to survive, let alone flourish.



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