The hacker group Anonymous says it has disabled 20,000 ISIS twitter accounts as it has begun leaking information about suspected terrorists in the world’s first ever “asymmetric” cyber war.

Anonymous has issued an 8 point plan to battle the “CyberCaliphat”, aiming to destroy its digital funding, specifically is digital bitcoin accounts, as well as its social media organization tools.

Supporters of Anonymous busted the bitcoin account of the Paris terrorists. Hackers say ISIS has a fortune in bitcoins, a digital currency that operates outside the international banking system, and favoured by the elite.

EU Interior and Justice ministers meeting tomorrow in Brussels are expected to urge the European Commission to crack down on bitcoins.

Follow the ground breaking cyber battle between Anonymous and ISIS in real time under the hashtags #OpParis and #OpIsis

Or better still, join yourself! Become a cyber warrior in a historical battle.

Anonymous has posted instructions online on how to join the cyberwar against ISIS terrorists.

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