Do German politicians need to fear another bomb plot?

Terrorists planned to detonate five bombs during a football game in a  Hannover stadium on Tuesday evening, it has emerged. Three bombs were to be detonated in the stadium as well as one in the train station and bus station.

The friendly match between Germany and Holland was due to be attended by Angela Merkel and other top politicians.

Top German politicians, police and military opposing the Globalist plans may be wise to prepare for another attack from what seems to be a new kind of hybrid terrorist organization, conducting false flag operations with a mixture of CIA-controlled secret service agents and genuine Islamic terrorist elements.

Experience suggests that when the Globalists fail to assassinate people deemed to be resisting their agenda the first time round, they try again and again and again ad nauseam.

To prevent this, an analysis or investigation of  the failures involved in the Hannover football bomb plot needs to be urgently undertaken, particularly of the failures in intelligence of the BND.

It can only be speculated what the Hannover terror plan was. But it cannot be ruled out that the politicians on the tribune would have been taken into custody at the first explosion, and a selected group would have been separated from the rest, and killed at the stadium or in ambulances by BND secret service agents detailed to protect Angela Merkel. The public would have been shown footage of politicians diving for cover in th stadium among explosions and gun fire and then corpses, suggesting the individuals had been killed by machine gun fire or bombs.

A scenario such as this could easily be adapted to be used inside the German Chancellery, for example, when cabinet ministers attend meetings. One by one, selected individuals could be lured into a separate office and killed. To explain their deaths, a false flag attack could be launched and  rocket could be fired at the Chancellery.

Of course, this is just speculation. But game playing various scenarios is an important part of implementing better protection.

One immediate measure could be to switch out Merkel’s secret service agents and place large numbers of regular police inside buildings such as the Chancellery and Parliament.



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