Did Anonymous take down Der Spiegel and Focus?

Anonymous at war with ISIS – and with Der Spiegel and Focus?

The websites of Germany’s media outlets Der Spiegel and Focus are offline right now, Saturday morning.


The hacker group Anonymous posted a cryptic “Tango down”, meaning enemy eliminated, on its facebook site about an hour ago.


Did hackers take down the websites of Spiegel and Focus? Or did they both happen to have very severe technical problems? And at exactly the same time?

Anonymous is highly critical of the established, presstitute media, which has gone into overdrive hyping war with Syria.

Syrian President Assad pointed out in an interview with Italian TV that ISIS is funded by the US and Saudi Arabia and other western governments.




In a separate development, Anonymous helped shut down a secret channel of communication being used by ISIS.

The encrypted messaging app has begun shutting down accounts following #OpISIS launch.


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