The terrorist cell which planned to attack the Hannover football stadion is still at large and could strike again, Germany’s intelligence agencies have said.


FAZ said that the attack had been minutely planned. The attack was thwarted by the decision by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere to cancel the match before kick off.

Interestingly, FAZ reports that the French intelligence services gave information to the German federal anti terorism organization, the Verfassungsschutz. The usual channel would surely have been the BND, the main intelligence service of Germany.

Did the French intelligence services give the information to the CIA controlled BND only to find it was ignored? Was the terrorist attack on the Hannover Stadium a false flag? Was the aim to plunge Germany into civil war?

Would Angela Merkel and the high ranking politicians attending the match been taken into custody as soon as bombs started to explode by a CIA controlled BND secret service detail, only for selected targets to be killed by those agents? Would the German public have been shown video footage of bombs exploding and machine gun fire to explain the deaths?

It’s only speculation. But the facts of the official narrative do not add up.

Also, it has to be asked what role is Europol, the EU police agency, playing in the orchestrated terror attacks?


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