Erdogan Recep and the Turkish government have attained stunning levels of hypocrisy in commenting on a video showing Greek coast guards sinking a boat full of migrants, who could, for all we know, be ISIS terrorists and criminals.


The Turkish government has been quick to blame Greece for maltreating migrants.

First, it is not  clear if the video is genuine. Also, it is not clear who was in the boat. If Greek coast guards did sink a boatload of suspected ISIS terrorists, they should be awarded medals.  After all, we don’t know what intelligence the Greek coast guard had?

Turkey is the country which is obligated by geography, culture and religion to look after Syrian refugees. It is failing to do so. The conditions for Syrian refugees in camps in Turkey are atrocious. If the Globalist Erdogan Recep and the Turkish government improved the conditions in UNHCR camps, Syrian refugees would not feel compelled to begin a dangerous trek to Europe and Germany.

In Sweden, governed by Social Democrats, now refugees have to sleep on the streets at night because there is no accommodation left.


The Turkish government should stop trying to instrumentalize the Syrian refugee crisis they helped create to start a war with Greece. They should start taking responsibility for the Syrian refugees on its territory, stop funding ISIS and stop the people smugglers.


Greece cannot cope with the millions of migrants, which are being let through by Turkey. The Turkish government should recognize this political, economic, social fact and stop allowing them to cross the Aegean Sea.

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