The number of migrants arriving in Europe is set to increase during the winter, according to an assessment by Germany#s intelligence agencies.


Germany’s intelligence agencies are focussing on large pool of potential migrants formed by the 4.3 million Syrian refugees in UHCR camps outside Syria. But the number of migrants heading for Germany and Europe could become much larger if Saudi Arabia ever collapses.

Efforts are underway to  overthrow the Saudi Arabian government. The result, if the Globalists succeed, could be a gigantic wave of migrants heading for Europe.

The plan to take down the Saudi Arabia’s regime seems to involve a simultaneous bioterrorism attack using Mers as well as a financial attack on its oil revenue threatening to blow its currency regime apart.

The Sunni terrorists funded by Saudi Arabia could, then, be unleashed against the regime if the country collapses.

Saudi Arabia’s budget has been hit by a sharp drop in oil prices.


The price of crude oil is largely determined by the trade in futures contracts in London, New York and Chicago as this blog has noted.

“The oil futures markets in London and New York, which set the price of the world’s most vital energy commodity, are essentially being rigged by a feral cabal of speculators and traders


Saudi Arabia had reported a surge of MERS infections over the past few months, most linked to a hospital  in Riyadh.


Australian researchers have argued MERS could be a bioweapon.


At the height of the activity spike there were more than 60 people in treatment at one time, but as of today only four are still in treatment after Saudi Arabia adopted standard epidemic control measures in its hospitals.

It was only on October 30th that Saudi Arabia began to implement “infection control requirements, isolating and checking all individuals who came in contact with the patients, including their family members at home, the hospital staff, and those who entered and exited the hospital since the first case was reported, and informing all hospitals of the outbreak, and implementing all the directives of the command and control center in a timely manner.”


Coincidentally or not, there was a big spike from Saudi Arabia in traffic to my blog at that time.

It’s rather tragic to think governments are finding out about standard epidemic control measures to be used  in hospitals  to fight epidemics from this blog.

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