Anonymous calls for Merkel to be arrested as German police on the verge of mutiny

Angela Merkel violated existing German and EU law by her unilateral decision to open Germany’s borders on September 5th, and now Anonymous is calling for her to be arrested on their facebook page.

The facebook site of Anonymous is already one of the strongest platforms for alternative viewpoints in Germany with a reach of about 30 million people per week.

It is growing exponentially. About a half a million more fans joined Anonymous’ facebook page over the weekend.

On November 21st, Anonymous reported a milestone million fans had joined its facebook page.

Just two days later, today, on November 23rd, after taking down the websites of the established media in Germany, Anonymous ‘s facebook page has 1,452,126 fans. That is a staggering increase of almost 50% in a couple of days.

So, when Anonymous calls for the arrest of Merkel, it’s time to sit up and listen.  Anonymous is more in tune with how German people think, especially the young people, than the mainstream media.

Holm Putzke Professor of Criminal law at Passau University said in the FAZ that Merkel had broken laws in helping migrants enter Germany without a valid passport or visa or permission.

Every migrant crossing the borders into Germany is also being charged with illegal entry, according to Compact Magazine.

Compact reports German police are on the verge of mutiny and refusing to carry out illegal orders in allowing a record influx of terrorists and migrants to enter the country.

In the first three weeks of November alone, a record 180,000 illegal immigrants and ISIS terrorists entered Germany thanks to Merkel’s unilateral, unlawful and unconstitutional decision to start a sanctuary country policy.

One German state, Baden Wuerttemberg, alone has reported that more than 30,000 migrants had disappeared from registration centres in a security nightmare.

Secret services estimate there could now be thousands of ISIS terrorist sleepers in Germany.


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