IT company charged with Greek party elections does not have a webiste

The election of a new leader for Greece’s opposition party New Democracy has been postponed after it emerged that the IT company contracted to conduct the election apparently does not have a website. The company Infosolutions also appears  to be a shell company.

One of the candidates, Central Macedonia Governor Apostolos Tzitzicostas, called for current leader Evangelos Meimarakis to resign following the voting fiasco.

He also appeared to suggest that there had been a deliberate attempt to prevent the vote from taking place.

Was Infosolutions contracted to provide a smoke and mirror cover for election results that were going to be rigged? If the results were going to be rigged in advance, did it really matter whether the IT company charged with counting the votes actually existed or not?

Did the plan fall apart when the other candidates began to look at the IT company conducting the election? And found it did not even have a  website? Was the controlled opposition leader Evangelos Meimarakis, who, together with Antonis Samaras, were instrumental in selecting the company, forced to cancel the elections? It is not clear.

The Greek voting fiasco underlines the importance of checking these election IT systems.

In the UK, a private company, the Electoral Reform Services, has been conducting vital elections since 1988…

From Wikipedia:

“Electoral Reform Services Limited (ERS, formerly Electoral Reform Ballot Services): A company, in which the Electoral Reform Society is a minority shareholder and which the ERS receives an annual dividend from,[16] established in 1988 to provide an independent balloting and polling service to organisations conducting elections and polls. The service is widely used by trade unions, political parties, building societies and companies when balloting their members or shareholders in ways defined by the law and their internal management. In many cases these organisations are forbidden from conducting their ballots internally in an attempt to ensure that the ballots are conducted impartially.

Electoral Reform International Services (ERIS): A company established in 1991 to provide assistance in conducting elections worldwide. Activities include advice, training and election monitoring.”

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