Amid all the hype of an ISIS attack on Berlin, a video I made in Berlin shows how ISIS terrorists could just stroll into the back of the German parliament at night time. No security!

I was able to walk through the barricades at the back of the building without any problem and almost into the building itself.

As my video shows, any ISIS terrorist just has to stroll the hundred metres or so from the US embassy to the Reichstag, walk in through the unguarded back doors, go into the plenum and  gun down the members of parliament. He or she can then stroll in a leisurely way back out again through the back door over to the US embassy, leaving a few fake Syrian passports lying around.

To give the public the appearance security is taken seriously, the front of the parliament is guarded by armed police and barricades. Visitors have to register online for a tour at a specific date and time and go through multiple security checks in a separate building.

But, in reality, there are massive security gaps, which the authorities refuse to close.

The back of the building  is protected by a special parliamentary security force under the control of Norbert Lammert, and it is deliberately left as open as a barn.

In 2013, when I was living in Berlin,  I noticed there was never any security at the back of the Reichstag not matter time of day or night I walked by.

I took a few videos one evening, and showed them to the federal police guarding the front of the Reichstag. They themselves were absolutely shocked to find out there was no security at the back of the building. The police advised me to make a complaint, which I did.


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