US knew about Paris terror attacks already in May

The US Department of Homeland Security published a report in May warning of a exactly the same terror attack as occurred hast week in Paris and even singling  out Abdelhamid Abaaoud,  as the purported “mastermind” of the Paris attacks, and his network.

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Could Homeland Security have a report warning of exactly the same terror attack that almost occurred on Tuesday at the Hannover football stadium…?

The match was cancelled by the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere after warning from the Verfassungsschutz  at 6 33 pm just two hours before the match kick off. De Maiziere took off  from Berlin together with Angela Merkel in a helicopter at 6 pm, according to Bild.

The failures of the main intelligence agency, the CIA controlled BND, should surely be investigated. Did the BND receive the warnings and suppress them to facilitate a false flag? Why was de Maiziere the one to cancel the match and not Merkel as the person at the top of the command chain?

An infographic in Bild shows two parallel lines of communication in the German secret service.



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