Nato calls emergency meeting after Turkey shoots down Russian plane

Nato will hold an emergency session today after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane amid fears that the Syrian conflict could escalate into a Third World War.

Turkey claimed the plane violated Turkish airspace. The Russian plane was shot down over Syria and crashed in Syria and the pilots were captured by Syrian militia.

Turkey claims it issued a warning before shooting down the Russian plane today, but it is not clear whether it is entitled to shoot down Russian planes in Syrian airspace even if they violated Turkish airspace shortly beforehand.

Tukey has accused Russia of carrying out massive bombing attacks against civilians on the Syrian and Turkish border and exacerbating the refugee crisis.

Both parties are in the wrong here. Turkey should  not shoot down fighter jets operating in the airspace of other countries with the permission of the government of that country.

Russia should stop targeting civilians on a sensitive border and its planes stop violating Turkish airspace.

NATO is a Globalist organization so we can expect a big push for an escalation of the war. Turkey’s President Erdogan Recept as well as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (remember his role in the Smolensk plane crash) are also Globalists. Expect a smoke and mirrors theatre to allow the Globalists to roll out their war agenda.

If the Globalists think Germans, Russians, Americans and British are ready to go to fight in an engineered Third World War in the Middle East, they can dream on.

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