One of the Paris terrorists was registered in Germany as a refugee, underlining the dangers of Angela Merkel’s open doors policy.

Ahmad Almohammad was registered as a refugee in Feldkirchen in October, according to reports. He is believed to have travelled from Germany to France where he allegedly participated in the ISIS attacks in Paris.

The news comes as German police and special forces carried out raids in a town in north west Germany in search of a Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam today.

Last Tuesday, a terrorist plot to detonate bombs in a Hannover football stadium and in other locations around the city was thwarted at the last moment when the match was cancelled in a massive police operation.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had invited the entire cabinet to the football game. But in the end only two cabinet ministers went, including the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who called off the match after receiving a tip just two hours before kick off.

Media report the attack was minutely planned and involved the use of ambulance packed with explosives to be smuggled into the stadium, which strongly suggests that the terror plot was a Globalist false flag operation of a new kind, involving a hybrid of genuine ISIS terrorists guided to their target and assisted by NATO secret intelligence services.

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