Russian jet shot down by Turkey

A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down near the Turkish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It is not clear if the plane had violated Turkish airspace. Turkey says the plane was given a warning about entering Turkish airspace before it was shot down.

Turkey has blamed Russian airstrikes for making the refugee crisis in Syria worse. Russian fighter planes have been accused of attacking civilian targets.

The Syrian government is engaged in a battle to defeat ISIS terrorists funded by the UK, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

ISIS terrorists are an instrument being used by the Globalists to destablize the Middle East and, now, the rest of the world.

Under the pretext of regime change, the Middle East is becoming a region of failed states.

Turkey has closed its borders to refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria. It is not clear how many Syrian refugees are in Turkey but one estimate is 2 .2 million.


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