I just sent an email to the developers of the Trygve App which helps Swedes guard against crime, asking if they could adapt that App to help with foreclosures of primary residences in Greece.

If readers of this blog could help with this project or help crowdsource it, it would be a great. About a million people could end up homeless in Greece as a result of a new law allowing banks to foreclose on homes.

Apart from legal advice, people need some way of mobilising help fast in the event they are facing an eviction. A Trygve style App would be great!

The text of my email:


First of all, I would like to thank you for developing Trygve, an App, which helps Swedish people guard against crime.

Thank you for using your skills and time to produce something so useful and practical and making it available free of charge.

I am writing you to ask whether you could help adapt the Trygve App to enable the Greek people now facing the foreclosure of their primary residences, i.e. their homes, under the third bailout, so that they can call for help from neighbours and others in the event of eviction.

About a million people in Greece could soon be made homeless under laws just passed. News laws allow banks to  foreclose on mortages of primary residences, mortgages which Greek people can no longer pay because austerity has crushed the economy. They cannot sell their homes for the same reason, leaving them facing the homelessness.

With your help, an App could be developed to help Greek people to immediately alert others if their homes are at risk of foreclosure.

An App alert could trigger rapid help and support, in the form of advice from lawyers, from neighbours.

You may be aware that banks are not putting up any money, capital or collateral when they they give loans as mortgages and foreclosures are part of a gigantic fraud.

The fractional reserve banking system allows banks to literally create money out of thin air.

This fact was used successfully by a US lawyer Jerome Daly to stop the foreclosure of his house in 1968. The judge agreed that the bank had put up anything of value, had not provided a consideration needed for a contract to be legal. The judge stopped the foreclosure.

The original trial transcript where the local bank manager is forced to admit to the judge his banks created money as a book keeping entry can be found here.

This argument is being used again today in Irish courts to stop foreclosures. Distressed mortgage holders are insisting on answers to the money creation process, answers which must be given under due process.

In Ireland, banks are being asked to produce the original mortgage contract, something which they cannot do, for the above reasons. Without an original contract, there is no legal basis for a claim.

These arguments can be used in Greece today as well to save the homes of hundreds of thousands of families.

It would be a tremendous help if an App like Trygve were available quickly to connect people facing foreclosure of their homes, if there were some way for anyone to call for assistance quickly, get the information and support they need when they are facing an eviction onto the streets, something which could even happen in the middle of the night.

With a press of a button, families could call for help from neighbours, lawyers and others in a vital hour. An App could make a huge difference.

Could you help?

I am copying in members of the Finer research team in Athens who developed a secure form of e voting in case they might also help.

Best, Jane Buergermeister

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