correction.pngA closer look at the video footage shows that the cross on the US anti tank missile system seems to be part of a sighting system alignment lines.  There are screws around the plastic to hold the sight in place. There is also a red dot and some green lines are visible. In addition, the cross seems to be etched onto the plastic or glass and not painted as an insignia would be.

I apologize to readers for not noticing the red dot and green lines before, and for drawing the wrong conclusion.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that Angela Merkel has been supplying Kurds with weapons and without checks to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. ISIS fighters claim to be able to buy the German weapons.

In short, it is highly likely ISIS fighters are using weapons supplied by Germany, making a mockery of Merkel’s determination to fight ISIS with German troops.

The video does show US weapons systems used by ISIS.


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