Greece’s air force defuses Turkish jet provocation

The Greek air force wisely reacted with moderation to  violation of airspace by six Turkish fighter jets.

It is in the interests of Greece and of Turkey too to avoid being dragged into a Globalist engineered Third World War conflagration starting in Syria.

Greece’s Defence Ministry is under the control of Globalist Panos Kammenos, the head of the junior coalition party of Globalist Alexis Tsipras.

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan funds the Globalist controlled ISIS.

His son is accused of making a fortune on the sale of oil stolen by the Islamic State.

His daughter provides care for wounded ISIS fighters in a secret military hospital just like the Zviv hospital in Israel.

Get together, Greek and Turkish people! Refuse to be victims of an engineered war! Refuse to play along with the Globalist divide and rule agenda! Put the Globalist bankster puppets in government in jail instead!




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