The former chief executive of Siemens Heinrich von Pierer faces life in prison in Greece as the country cracks down against corruption.

Greece seems to be following the US Justice Department, which recently instructed prosecutors to focus on individual employees not just their companies.

Von Pierer an 12 other German citizens are accused of bribing Greek officials to obtain contracts at a trial which opened in Athens on Friday.

70 million euros in bribes were given to state telecommunications provider OTE.

The start of the trial nine years after investigations began is a signal that Greece’s justice officials are serious about prosecuting high profile individuals caught breaking the law.

Von Pierer oversaw a gigantic system of corruption.

The Siemens company has paid huge fines but the excutives who ran the bribery system have so far largely escaped prosecution.

I hope the prosecutors will be as rigorous in my case, where high profile names such as George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and the Bishop of Volos are implicated.

Proof has emerged that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have direct, personel knowledge of my blog.

The proof comes in the form of textual analysis comparing an article I wrote on my blog and an article George Soros wrote one day later on the same topic. Proof that Tsipras knows my blog comes in the form of tweets which reproduce a rare spelling mistake of Faynmann that I made, and which start just after Tsipras visited Faymann in Vienna in February.

The evidence connects both of them directly to my blog, and makes them prime suspects in overseeing what was clearly a premeditated and carefully planned crime.

Soros, Tsipras had the motive: a reprisal for disclosing information about their wrongdoing on my blog, and they seized it.

They had the means in the form of money and networks they could influence improperly with offers of money, lavish entertainment and such like. And they had an opportunity to silence me.

The connecting figure between Soros and Faymann and Tsipras is David Rockefeller. Rockefeller is both a member of the Good Club and the Bilderberg steering committee.

The Bishop of Volos is fully informed about the crimes of the Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou, but has held his protective hand over her, allowing her to commit more crimes.

I have been given credible information that another criminal complaint has recently been made against her in Hamburg for committing a serious crime.

It’s time to lift the tacit immunity that members of the powerful Orthodox church enjoy and prosecute the individuals, who commit crimes or cover up crimes.

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